The School – Film Review

The School is a horror thriller film which starts off showing Dr. Amy Wintercraig played by Megan Dury emerging from a bath of dirty water in an abandon room. Looking around, confused as to where she is, she encounters a young boy named Timmy, played by Jack Ruwald who helps and guides Amy around.

Confused and unsure on how she got into this dimension, we watch many flashbacks that shows Amy as a doctor in a hospital looking after her unwell son who has been in a coma. While at work Amy discovers that the hospital was built on the grounds of a burnt down school and discovers the connection on where she is. Amy, gathering a small group of children that she finds within the building, attempts to help set them free while running away from the leader who is keeping everyone captive.

To be honest, The School really struggled to keep me interested. The storyline was all over the place and very confusing at times. While I love the excitement from horror movies, this film failed to give me any sort of adrenaline rush.

Although Dury pulled off the strong-willed mother and was the strongest actor in this film, it wasn’t enough to make the movie good. The acting from the children wasn’t convincing enough and their make-up looked as though were handed a paintbrush and told to go wild.

I tried my best to give The School a chance, but unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone. Sadly, I would be surprised if anyone enjoyed this film. I sure didn’t.

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