Spy x Family Movie: Code: White – Film Review

Spy x Family Movie: Code: White is an animated film featuring the main characters from the Spy x Family anime and can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story featuring our favourite spy, assassin and telepath on a fun family trip that descends into chaos.

The stakes are high as Twilight (aka Loid Forger) finds out that his place in Operation Strix may be jeopardised, as another spy has requested to be put on the case and take his place. When Anya’s school offers up a Stella star as a prize for the best dessert in her cooking class, Loid sees a perfect opportunity for Operation Strix to make some big progress if his daughter can win that prize!

Henry Henderson, the headmaster of Anya’s school Eden Academy is going to be judging the desserts. The ever-resourceful Loid suggests they make a cake from the headmaster’s hometown, but first they must travel there to try it themselves! Thus begins the adventure as the Forger family sets out on a weekend vacation.

On the train to their destination, Anya discovers a mysterious key and unbeknown to her, stumbles across some secret information. Some suspicious men chase her, but Yor promptly stops them in their tracks. However, they haven’t given up on their mission and this sets up our antagonists for the story.

After some things Yor’s co-workers said on how to tell if your spouse is cheating, poor Yor spends the majority of movie thinking Loid wants a new wife.  It makes the sweet romantic scenes get interrupted by her internal dialogue of paranoia. While it is a funny running gag, I would really like to see their relationship start to advance beyond being a pretend married couple. Spy x Family is first and foremost a comedy series, but that cozy found family scenario does really pull at the heartstrings and leave you wanting more.

With the failure of Operation Strix meaning the Forgers will have to go their separate ways, there is a really nice notion being set up about family sticking together forming a central theme for the movie. When Anya is kidnapped by the bad guys, it gives reason for Yor to sneak aboard the plane Loid commandeers in order to save her. As Loid the spy and Yor the assassin battle separately and unaware of each other’s true identities, Anya has a battle of her own.

While in custody of the villains, poor little Anya is desperately fighting the urge to use the bathroom. Thus, setting up the most hilarious scenes in the movie that had me crying with laughter. She momentarily passes out and dreams of the “toilet god” and the pastel colour scheme accompanied by rainbows, fountains and cute poo images was the most visually pleasing and humour tickling moment in the entire film.

Although I usually watch anime in Japanese with English subtitles, the version I watched at the cinema was the English dub. All the adult character voices were great, but I always have an issue with children’s voices in English dubbed anime. Anya’s voice was a little grating and took some getting used but probably her crying out “I’m gonna poop my pants!” numerous times and making me laugh pretty hard gained some of my acceptance. But I did miss her signature Japanese catch phrase “Waku waku!” (Exciting!) as it is very cute when paired with her starry-eyed face.

Overall, Spy x Family Movie: Code: White is beautifully animated, filled with action, laughs and feel-good moments. If you haven’t seen the anime series yet, this film would be perfectly fine to jump into this beloved anime franchise. Absolutely recommended for a fantastic time.

Spy x Family Movie: Code: White is available dubbed and subbed, and is in cinemas now.

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