Alice and Liam: Horror Flick {Melbourne International Comedy Festival} – Comedy Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

As the ghouls come out of their humble abodes, the fun begins and it’s a monster mash. It’s creepy, it’s kooky and altogether spooky. It’s a horror movie themed variety sketch show as part of the 2024 Melbourne International Comedy Festival! Get ready for a graveyard smash of comedy, horror and show tunes!

Black and white horror movies are the comfort food of some film aficionados. Universal Pictures of the past but not the Tom Cruise led “Dark Universe” (that thing died so quickly, it’s way too scary!). We’re talking movies like Bela Lugosi as Dracula. Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s monster or The Mummy and whoever the hell played Creature from the Black Lagoon. The campy cheesiness of these 70+ year old classics make them infinitely recognisable and loveable, even if they aren’t particularly scary anymore!

So, this is the allure of Horror Flick. A new show performed by the comedic and improvisational duo of Alice ‘Gravestone’ Gilbert and Liam ‘Headstone’ Hickson. Don’t worry, the nicknames change throughout the show and get MUCH more grotesque. Directed by Daniel Cottier, this variety show pays homage to the silliness of the classic horror flicks, twisting them all on their head with hilariously funny sketches and songs. Maybe for a moment we’ll forget the true horror story… that of our real lives!

The show has some video segments (as you would expect, it is called Horror Flick after all) and opens with a parody of the young teen lovers making out in a car only for them to be attacked by any teenager’s worst fear… commitment! Setting the stage for the eclectic variety of skits and segments to follow. 

There are full on musical numbers about sea creatures searching for love and the women who lust for them. Invaders from outer space named *Nokia ringtone*. Werewolf infomercials and a sexy twerking Mummy the likes of which I’ve never seen before, whoa mama! Personally, my favourite sketches were the multipart parodies of old time science theatre radio broadcasts. Complete with on stage sound effects and a buttplug related story HP Lovecraft himself could never have imagined!

The versatility of both gifted performers is on full display as the night went on. Alternating between straight faced but completely batshit insane monologues and over the top characters with ease, with Alice‘s maniacal laugh and crazy eyes electrifying a Jekyll & Hyde sketch. While Liam was not afraid to make himself look a little foolish with his OCD Time Gremlin, making sure to keep the show moving forward OR ELSE!

There were a few opening night slipups where timing was flubbed or Liam needed Alice‘s help recalling a line. But it was all taken in stride and brought a laugh to the audience all the same who were loving the show. The costumes on the cheaper side, perfectly encapsulated the ridiculousness of the effects in some of those schlocky old horror films. But the moody lighting throughout the show, as well as Alice and Liam‘s musical talents and on stage chemistry are all top notch and make for a bloody fun time.

This was the first show I experienced as part of the 2024 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and so far it’s off to a great start. The cinematic inspirations resonated with my tastes while the multitalented Alice Gilbert and Liam Hickson are together horrifyingly entertaining. Horror Flick is recommended for anyone wanting a raunchy, silly and creative night of comedy.

Alice and Liam: Horror Flick is currently playing at The Butterfly Club in Melbourne’s CBD until March 31st 2024.
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