Mister Act: Oh Happy Gay! {Melbourne International Comedy Festival} – Comedy

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Following their sell-out Midsumma show Am I Doing This Right? Jayden Masciulli, Simon Hawkings, and Allen Dorsey make their Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut with the sketch show ‘Mister Act – Oh Happy Gay!, an hour-long exploration of the best and worst parts of being a modern gay man with the goal of determining whether they are, deep down, truly happy.

It’s a question all of us are looking to answer over the course of our lifetimes; not a new concept by any stretch, but with their excellent writing and execution of their material, Jayden, Simon and Allen tell a wholly unique story while working to peel back the many layers of such a nuanced question through their array of comedy skits.

In the small and intimate back room of Melbourne’s Theory Bar, a full crowd packs into the seats and buzzes with excitement. Opening with a funny if not poorly made (on purpose no doubt) deep fake of the boys watching Whoopi Goldberg lead the Sister Act choir, Jayden, Simon, and Allen make their entrance to the stage wearing summer shirts and a nun’s habit. After introductions and a brief explainer of what the audience is in for, the trio launches into a series of clever, raunchy, and riotously funny vignettes that cover everything from late nights at Collingwood queer hotspot Sircuit, Troye Sivan’s ability to be everywhere at once, deciphering whether men are gay or just being nice to you, and the trouble of finding a queer friendly GP among a myriad of others.

With credits spanning across local and international small screen (Netflix’s The Inbestigators, ABC’s Summer Love), stage (The American Musical and Dramatic Academy), sketch comedy and improv (The Improv Conspiracy), Jayden, Simon, and Allen are certainly not short on talent. Bolstered by their personal friendship, the trio are evidently very comfortable together on stage. Whether acting as lovers, coworkers, or strangers, all three stars show a commitment not only to their craft, but to each other.

Their brand of comedy in Mister Act – Oh Happy Gay! feels distinctly Melbourne, making hilarious jabs the city’s East-West divide through song ‘Long Distance Taps’ and live readings of the lacklustre Grindr messages that only the blandest of Australian men seem capable of producing. Each sketch is transportive despite being so simple in execution; using only minimal props and costumes the trio is still able to conjure unique characters and environments that are easily distinguishable, a real testament to their comedic abilities.

Mister Act – Oh Happy Gay! is not without its hiccups. Surprised by the energy of the crowd, Jayden, Simon, and Allen occasionally stumbled over their lines but in doing so only added to the show’s energy and effortless hilarity. Once the boys got going, the hour-long run time absolutely flew by and the laughs were endless.

However, consider this fair warning: Mister Act – Oh Happy Gay! is not for anyone under the age of 18. While the sketches are relatable and witty, they’re also deliciously crude, with some very explicit sexual references sandwiched in between the Troye Sivan Watch siren and the club-themed sketch breaks. If you’re too young to vote or don’t enjoy sexual humour, consider skipping this one. For the rest of you, grab a ticket to see Jayden, Simon, and Allen perform their standout sketch show Mister Act – Oh Happy Gay! now and enjoy an energetic, entertaining, and well-crafted evening.

Mister Act – Oh Happy Gay! is now playing as part of the 2024 Melbourne International Comedy Festival at Theory Bar until April 7.
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