Maisie Peters: The Good Witch Comes To Australia, Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne, March 23rd 2024 – Live Review

Maisie Peters is a name that you may not be familiar with but you should be. She’s definitely someone that you need to pay attention to.

I first heard about Maisie Peters when she was announced to support Ed Sheeran in 2023 on his Australian and New Zealand leg of the ‘+ -= ÷ x’ (Mathematics) Tour. A little over a year later and Maisie recently returned to our shores for her own tour – The Good Witch Comes To Australia and I was curious to check it out.

For the final date of her three-city Australian visit, having played in Brisbane and Sydney already, Maisie thoroughly entertained an attentive audience of no less than 7000, in what turned out to be her first ever international arena concert at Melbourne’s own Margaret Court Arena.

Before Maisie Peters even started, I watched as the title of the tour The Good Witch materialised with its letters popping up like daisies. Then a voiceover requested for patrons to rise for the national anthem – which amusingly turned out to be The Veronicas’ ‘Untouched’. I was already entertained, giggling at this notion and Maisie hadn’t even walked on yet!

When the bottled-blonde ball of energy did appear in an off-the-shoulder pink tartan dress and shiny black boots, Maisie was super interactive and consistently smiling, encouraging her audience to sing along, clap along to and dance to their hearts content. Throughout the night, Melbourne patrons were treated to a diverse display of talents and an even bigger variety of genres, with some sweet surprises to boot and sing-along opportunities at every second.

Maisie performed her catchy discography including the anthems ‘Coming of Age’ and ‘You Signed Up For This’, the enchanting ‘Love Him I Don’t’, ‘Want You Back’ and ‘There It Goes’ which had the Melbourne audience serenading each other (a little louder than the other songs in the setlist), the clever Peter Pan inspired ‘Wendy’ which she played on the acoustic guitar, the country sounding ‘You’re Just A Boy (And I’m Kinda The Man)’ and ‘Blonde’, and the 80s inspired ‘John Hughes Movie’. Basically, Maisie Peters has no bad songs, so many different colours to her music, and every moment she spent with loving fans in the Melbourne venue was a joy to witness.

Highlights of the night included when Maisie performed a snippet of Noah Kahan’s gorgeous ‘Stick Season’, adjusted the lyrics of ‘Brookyn’ to affectionately mention “Melbourne”, provided fun pop-rock vibes with ‘Holy Revival’ while actively jumping around and remaining in perfect key, and when she surprised patrons by performing Peach PRC’s ‘Josh’ with the Peach PRC (an artist I had only seen and reviewed the night before). However, my favourite song of the night was ‘Cate’s Brother’ that fans shouted the lyrics to, a song which reminded me of both Avril Lavigne and Fountains of Wayne’s ‘Stacey’s Mom’ – in a good way! This song just created a wonderful lively moment which I really loved.

For her final surprise, Maisie Peters brought out Peach PRC back to the stage during the encore with her support artists for The Good Witch Comes To Australia, Gretta Ray and Dylan. Together, alongside the Melbourne audience, the venue filled with united voices singing sweetly to ‘History of Man’ white lit in shades of blue with phone lights swaying back and forth, looking like there were dancing fireflies everywhere. It was stunning.

Concluding with ‘Lost the Breakup’, Melbourne patrons appeared to beam with solace and satisfaction, and so did Maisie, who skipped away with glee, still in disbelief that she just performed to her biggest audience overseas yet.

If you’re not paying attention to Masie Peters already, this British rising star is one to watch. Despite playing to the capacity of 7000, Maisie Peters’ 2024 Melbourne concert felt intimate and sincere with her charm shining through like fragments of sunlight, providing warmth and contentment to every corner of Margaret Court Arena. I honestly look forward to her next Australian visit.

Masie Peters performed in Melbourne as part of her tour, The Good Witch Comes To Australia at Margaret Court Arena on Saturday the 23rd of March 2024. Unfortunately, this was the final leg of her Australian tour but hopefully she will be back soon.
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Photography by Sophie C G Scott.

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