Mel & Sam: The Platonic Human Centipede {Melbourne International Comedy Festival} – Comedy Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fresh from a win at the 2023 Green Room Awards for Best Original Songs, Mel & Sam are back at the 2024 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, but this time with a brand-new show! And in classic Mel & Sam style, this one has a title that will make you want to see what it is all about.

The Platonic Human Centipede.

Take a moment and read that once again, yes, that is the title. It’s the idea that you love someone so much that you would stich your mouth to their anus. You’ll never have to call them again because, well, they are right there! You know, something or someone that you just cannot live without, so why not have it, or them, surgically attached to you. It’s also about the duos of the world that you never thought of. A unique premise, but if anyone can pull it off, it is Mel & Sam.

Dressed in matching outfits with shiny, simmering track pants that pack more swish than they bargained for and a set of bedazzled bikini tops and sleeves, the comedy duo take patrons at the sold-out show at Toff In Town on a rollercoaster adventure. Equipped with their musical creativity and sketch comedy, Mel & Sam will leave you wanting more! Opening with a musical number that dives right into the meaning of the show’s title, The Platonic Human Centipede is fast, its unhinged, its wild, I was already hurting from laughter, and we only just started!

Now, if you have ever been to a Mel & Sam show before, you will know that their dads are their biggest fans. They have made references to them on multiple occasions in each of their shows. Well, every great show needs an MC, right? So, why not enlist the help of their beloved dads to introduce each musical number and sketch? Not only are the little audio bites hilarious and incredibly effective but these audio introductions also give the duo the much needed time for a quick change before the next bit.

There’s just so much to love about Mel & Sam’s The Platonic Human Centipede. From musical numbers about chilling with housemates and the ‘joys’ of board games, to a vampire meeting Kristen Stewart at a convention, a song for the soft girlies that rocked and the Irwin Kids penning a letter to their late father asking if he’s seen Britney Spears in heaven.

These songs may be niche, and the lyrics might well be wacky and downright ridiculous, but they are uniquely relatable in ways you would never think possible. The iconic pair also take the plunge on a song even they think is a little too obscure on the topic of Polyamory. It did take a little bit for the punchline on this one to click, but I thought it was great!

Of course, a Mel & Sam show wouldn’t be complete without set of hilariously ridiculous sketches. From ADHD nuns reading the ‘bible’, Mr and Mrs Clause in couples therapy, a Simpsons bit, and even some crowd work during ‘The Poly Song’. I honestly have no idea how these two come up with these sketches but each of them is stupendously genius.

I have always admired Mel & Sam’s unique style of comedy, from No Hat No Play, Sh*t Wrecked and High Pony, each of these shows have been as good as the previous one. The Platonic Human Centipede is no exception. If anything, this is their best show yet! Even when there was some questionable lighting choices and sound difficulties, Mel & Sam just rolled with the punches and got on with it, even weaving these tech issues into the show like the seasoned professionals they are.

If a comedy festival ever needed a pair of hype queens to be their festival ambassadors, Mel & Sam are the number one comedy candidate for the job. Their breed of comedy is high octane, hilariously stupid and will leave you both hungry for more and wanting to come back for second serving.

Mel & Sam’s The Platonic Human Centipede is now on at Melbourne’s Toff in Town on Swanston Street at 9:45pm from Tuesday through to Saturday, and 8:45pm for the final show on Sunday the 14th of April. In their final week, this is one show you must see!

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