The Coming Back Out Ball Movie – Film Review

The Coming Back Out Ball Movie is documentary set in Victoria, Australia that is focused on the elderly LGBTIQ+ Community attending a ball at the Melbourne Town Hall.

Tristan Meecham, a performance artist helps organise the event for the elderly community to make it a night to remember. The ball is created to help celebrate and thank the pioneers for everything they have done for the future of the queer community.

Before attending The Ball, the film spends a lot time focused on several seniors who share their experiences and stories on what their lives were like at a younger age when being gay wasn’t acceptable and the great lengths some went to fight for their rights. All these stories are so individually moving and powerful in different ways. These fighters are the people who helped change the future for the LGBTIQ+ community within the country.

I feel this documentary is an incredible part of history which needs to be watched as most people nowadays probably don’t understand the difficulties our senior community had growing up. The Coming Back Out Ball Movie is a very moving documentary that makes me feel so grateful for the life that these pioneers fought to provide for people like me.

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