Oscar Winning Improv {Adelaide Fringe} – Theatre Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Over the past few years, I have been delving deeper into the improv shows on offer at Adelaide Fringe. After the amazing fun I had at Lost in Translation last year, I instantly jumped at the chance to take on another movie themed assignment. This time, it’s Oscar Winning Improv, presented by the local improv troupe Changing Jennifers.

The premise is pretty straight forward. On stage is a selection of 16 envelopes, each one containing a script for an Oscar award-winning film. The crowd votes on which envelope to open, so the film choice is random at every show. However, if you are prepared, you can bring along a ‘challenge script’ and throw them a real curveball. For us, it was the former, and the envelope chosen contained the script for the 1991 Best Picture winner – The Silence of the Lambs!

While I am a movie lover, I wouldn’t really call myself a movie buff that knows all in-depth facts about films and I haven’t seen all the must see classics! Admittedly, Silence of the Lambs is a film I haven’t seen, so I was in for an interesting ride.

For the first 5 minutes of the show, the troupe act from the script, giving us the opening of the film. But once the 5 minutes are up, the scripts are cast away and the improvised madness begins!

Roles were assigned promptly with FBI cadet, Clarice, and fellow agent and FBI chief, Franklin being the consistent characters throughout the show. While the storyline quickly deviates from the source material, the team still manages to hit the well-known moments of the film and add some fun twists. The one I loved was the serial killer of the story being renamed ‘Bubble-O-Bill’, his trademark calling card being removing victims’ noses and replacing them with big bubble gum balls!

The improv troupe consisted of four actors, that’s about all the small stage of The Bally at Gluttony could handle! The crew from Changing Jennifers are incredibly talented, quick and hilarious improv artists. It’s easy to see that their skills are well honed with great timing. They were able to keep the story flowing by intuitively understanding each other, knowing exactly when take the reins from a teammate and change a scene if a cast member was starting to struggle.

The best thing about Oscar Winning Improv is that every show is unique, making it all the more fun, fresh and exciting. You may not know the film you’re going to get, or the film itself once you get it (depending on the sheer number of Oscar award-winning films you have watched) but regardless of film knowledge, you’ll have an amazing time at this smart and hilarious show. That, I can guarantee.

Oscar Winning Improv is currently playing at Adelaide Fringe on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until March 17 at The Bally at Gluttony
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