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My name is Stephanie Chin and I am Founder, Editor, Film Critic and Review Writer of LILITHIA REVIEWS.

I initially started this site on my own and have since recruited 12 writers to combine and make LILITHIA REVIEWS. the site it is today. With 11 writers in total (including myself) across Australia in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, our team endeavour everyday to provide the most honest, eloquent, and ‘straight to the point’ reviews whilst also showcasing a personal touch.

This review site started off with film reviews but has since expanded to live music, theatre, gaming, and other pop-culture related events. We cover film, live music (including K-Pop, J-Pop), live theatre (including but not limited to musicals, plays, and opera), art exhibitions, gaming, pop-culture conventions and all things in between. We not only write reviews for live music, but also have our own photographers available for gig/live music/theatre photography.

As a kid, I was a bookworm and rarely watched TV. However, I have always enjoyed going to the movies. Every time after I see a film, all I want to do is discuss it in detail about my thoughts, how much I loved it, or hated it, and with this outlet, now I can.

I love writing and reviewing. It started with movies and movies are universal. No matter where you are or where you’re from – you can see a movie. I also wanted to encourage myself to get out there and see more films that I wouldn’t normally see if not for this outlet. Life doesn’t really give you many ‘first time‘ opportunities, but movies do.

We at LILITHIA REVIEWS are fans first and foremost, and are review writers second. So, our spoiler-free reviews are always straight from the heart and are as passionate as they can be from the perspective that you will want to hear. As ultimately, we are just like you.

I hope that you enjoy reading our reviews and thank-you for visiting LILITHIA REVIEWS.