ITZY: 2ND WORLD TOUR , Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne, March 26th 2024 – K-Pop Live Review

When ITZY had their first world tour ‘Checkmate’, I was disheartened that Australia wasn’t on the cards. So, when ITZY announced two months ago that they’d be touring Australia in March as part of their ITZY 2ND WORLD TOUR <BORN TO BE>, I (like many Australian Midzy) was so happy, I was in disbelief. It only felt real when I was finally in the venue.

Proudly presented by Live Nation Australia and JYP Entertainment, ITZY took to the Melbourne stage for the first time at Margaret Court Arena on Tuesday the 26th of March 2024.

With the Melbourne venue intimately lit in red and the title of the tour <BORN TO BE> written on the big screen, the energy in the room felt like a calm before the storm. Dramatic, dynamic, and accompanied with a legion of dancers, ITZY thoroughly impressed patrons and fans alike from the very moment they initially strut into view.

ITZY have been renown for spreading great messages of empowerment, fearless expression, self-love and embracing individually through their music. This is only enhanced by their enchanting personalities and their jaw-dropping dance ability. If you thought their dance skill were amazing in their music videos – you should see them live. I found that my jaw dropped on multiple occasions in reaction to the tight choreography, some even curated especially for this tour, which ITZY executed masterfully.

If you weren’t rendered speechless during these moments, you were screaming. Every time ITZY pulled off difficult and iconic choreography, fans in the venue were screaming and cheering in elation. Choreography that stood out were for songs ‘Born to Be’ that had ITZY looking and moving like superheroes, ‘Wannabe’ that had its own dance break introduction for each individual member before collectively slaying the venue, ‘Swipe’ with its leg quaking moves that had fans reeling, ‘Not Shy’ which looked like a battalion of fierce women, ‘Kill Shot’ which was mesmerising to watch, and ‘Untouchable’ with its world pausing slow motion dance moves.

ITZY’s talents and their concert were only elevated by the fantastic production of its lighting, visual effects on the big screen, the movie quality impressive video interludes, live music to accompany their vocals with their band placed on either side of the stage, and their mass of dancers. Honestly, JYP Entertainment sure know how to put on a great K-Pop concert!

While ITZY’s music is filled with good vibes and morals to pay attention to, it is also super catchy with their songs arguably anthems in their own right including, ‘Born to Be’, ‘Kidding Me’, ‘Untouchable’, and ‘Wannabe’.

Dipping their toes into songwriting, the ITZY members each had their chance to shine during their solos with Chaeryeong performing a cool mirrored dance to ‘Mine’, Ryujin displaying her punk rock vibes and strong vocals with ‘Runaway’ which came complete with a black silver chained throne and a teddy bear on standby, ‘Yet, but’ which had Yuna showcasing her cute and carefree vibes emerging from a diamond shaped chair and happily riding in a shopping trolley, and Yeji’s ‘Crown on My Head’ proving she is a queen of the stage and a born performer, her dance precision and vocal prowess were flawless.

If I had to choose, my favourite part of the concert would be when ITZY performed the powerhouse hit ‘LOCO’. The earth shaking, scream-inspiring song had fans on their feet, jumping around and blissfully dancing the choreography along with ITZY.

It wasn’t all about the dancing though! ITZY had many opportunities to interact with the Melbourne audience and serenade them their immaculate vocals. This was particularly evident with songs ‘LOVE is’, ‘Chillin’ Chillin’’ and ‘Be in Love’, the latter where the group comfortably sat on a staircase setup and stunned fans with their effortless high notes.

When ITZY weren’t on stage, fans became part of the show during the dance challenge (one of my favourite parts of a *good* K-Pop concert) where everyone danced along to ITZY’s choreography and had the opportunity of appearing on the big screen. A group of girls excelled with their dance cover of ‘Cake’, while a male fan aced ‘Dalla Dalla’. Every time a fan displayed their skills on the big screen, the venue would roar with support for their fellow Midzy.

What I loved about the <BORN TO BE> interactive section was that it wasn’t just about the dance challenge or the scream metre (a K-Pop concert staple). There was also a singing challenge which had ITZY’s lyrics pop up on the big screen while the camera panned to Midzy enthusiastically singing along to ITZY’s English song ‘Boys Like You’ while cheerfully waving their ITZY light rings in the air.

Australian Midzy also prepared a very sweet and heartwarming fan video for ITZY which had the members sitting and attentively watching. By the end, ITZY were very emotional and touched, even mentioning that the next time they’d come back, they would bring their fifth member Lia (currently on hiatus) as well. This notion inspired chants of “Choi, Jisu!” (Lia’s birth name) from both the ITZY members and the audience, everyone was emotional at this point.

Emanating with confidence and power, ITZY members Yeji, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna showcased their talents, consistent energy, phenomenal dance skills, their gorgeous voices and undeniable charm, reminding us exactly why they’re one of the best 4th generation girl groups in K-Pop. Their enormous efforts alone to speak English to Melbourne audience throughout the night, even though they had a translator available, speaks volumes to their dedication, professionalism and love for both their craft and their fans.

ITZY’s first Australian visit was well worth the wait with their sold out Melbourne <BORN TO BE> concert being superbly entertaining from start to finish. Long-time fans, new fans, and first time K-Pop concert attendees were thoroughly satisfied with this almost 3-hour concert, ITZY’s consistent energy and their boundless talents wowed every person in the Melbourne venue. With ITZY stating that they’d return as full group upon their next visit, I’ve no doubt larger venues will be waiting for them when they’re ready.

ITZY: 2ND WORLD TOUR Melbourne concert was held at Margaret Court Arena on March 26th 2024.
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Photography by Rick Clifford and Jess Gleeson, provided by Live Nation Australia.

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