Adrian Bliss: Inside Everyone {Melbourne International Comedy Festival} – Comedy Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Internet icon and UK comedian Adrian Bliss is all about taking creativity to a new level. I’m sure any avid user of the internet would have scrolled past his content at one point in time. His crazy collection of costumes are no strangers to the fans of his content.

As a long-time fan of Adrian Bliss’ work, I was extremely eager to see what was to offer with his show ‘Inside Everyone’ which Bliss took to the stage the night I attended for a sold out show at The Malthouse for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Traveling through time and space as an atom, Adrian Bliss finds himself inside some of the most important people and historic moments in time. On his journey to achieve greatness, we follow along and run into the likes of Julius Caesar, Virgin Mary, and Albert Einstein. 

At first, I was worried that Adrian Bliss’ social media styled short video humour would not transition well to live comedy, but I was proven wrong. His trademark skits and humour was brought to the stage perfectly. The one-hour show flew by so quickly and left me wanting more. The iconic costume changes felt like it was never ending but weaved together in a seamless and flowing storyline. Every second had me engaged and l loved that I saw familiar costumes I’ve seen online come to life.

Extremely detailed in his craft, Adrian Bliss’ show is well thought out and everything tied together beautifully. It was like a short film, a musical, a comedy show, and a fashion show all incorporated into one. With the vast amount of costume changes throughout, you would assume there would be awkward transitions or long pauses throughout, but the clever use of pre-prepared footage of our atom travelling in space to their new stage of life was a simple trick to keep the audience engaged for every second of this adventure.

What I loved the most about ‘Inside Everyone’ is that Adrian Bliss’ signature eye contact in his videos did not get lost in live comedy. The deadpan eye contact and timing was still impeccable. I was made to believe he made one on one eye contact with every single person in the room at least one.

I also loved that the show catered to the Melbourne crowd with multiple Australian references spread out throughout the show. To my surprise, from personally bringing someone up on stage to getting an audience member to help zip and unzip him for his costume changes, Bliss added audience interactions into his story which made laughter erupt in the room.

‘Inside Everyone’ is absolutely absurd and so much fun. His unique and stupidly intelligent content is something I will never get sick of. It’s such a breath of fresh air to laugh at some outrageous and out of this world costumes but come out healed by wholesome the ending.

I am so excited to see what new ideas will form and what greatness will hit the universe with Adrian Bliss’ upcoming work or shows and I hope he comes back to Australia soon.

Adrian Bliss’ ‘Inside Everyone’ is currently on at The Malthouse – Beckett Theatre as part of the 2024 Melbourne International Comedy Festival until the 21st of April.
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