The World’s End – Film Review

The World’s End is a clever comedic, sci-fi pub crawl between five friends trying to finish what they failed to complete 20 years ago.

Simon Pegg plays “Gary King”, a man still holding onto the past who gathers five of his best friends from high school; “Andy Knightley” played by Nick Frost, “Steven Prince” played by Paddy Considine, “Oliver Chamberlain” played by Martin Freeman, “Peter Page” played by Eddie Marsan, and later also joined by Rosamund Pike‘s character, “Sam Chamberlain”. What starts off as an innocent yet awkward pub crawl, later turns into a race for their lives when it is revealed that their home-town has now been overrun by aliens.

really loved this film. It reminded me a lot of Doctor Who, but hilarious. Even though the film is funny, the plot is really clever, smart and flows brilliantly. This film is actually perfect because I can’t think of any flaws at all.

It was great to see Pierce BrosnanDavid Bradley and Sophie Evans make appearances in this film as well. In particular, I was quite surprised to see Sophie Evans as she was my favourite to win reality tv show, “Over the Rainbow” back in 2010 when she was competing for the role of Dorothy in the The Wizard of Oz. This is actually her debut in a feature film!

Overall, The World’s End is just really a great comedy film. I highly recommend a viewing, and I personally cannot wait to watch it again. Yes, it’s that awesome.

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