The Way, Way Back – Film Review

At first glance, The Way, Way Back would seem like just another movie, but it’s so much more than thatThe Way, Way Back is a beautiful coming-of-age story about a shy, socially awkward and frustrated 14-year-old boy named Duncanplayed by Liam James, who is forced to go on summer vacation with his mother, her boyfriend and his daughter. To help pass the time away during difficult circumstances, Duncan finds sanctuary in “Water Wizz” and unexpectedly finds a friend in the manager of the water park, Owen played by Sam Rockwell.

The entire cast made this movie wonderful to watch and all the characters have great development. However, Liam James and Sam Rockwell are absolutely amazing in this. Their acting is superb and their performances moved me to tears. Also, in a rare but clever move, Steve Carell does a great job playing the anti-hero, Trent. The rest of the cast; Maya RudolphAllison JanneyNat FaxonJim RashRiver AlexanderAnnaSophia Robb and Toni Collette are actually all magical in this, with Nat Faxon and Jim Rash also being the writers and directors of this film.

I can see myself singing praise for this movie for many years to come, and my words would still never be enough to describe how beautiful and moving this film is. We all have been there one way or another; being a teenager, feeling neglected by your parents, feeling alone and that no-one understands you. I really wish I had my own “Water Wizz” and “Owen” to go to when I was a child.

The Way, Way Back is a powerful film with humour, sadness, happiness and light all blended together. It has a well-written script, great cast, great storyline, real and relatable characters, and a lot of heart. I strongly urge you to go see The Way, Way Back. I believe it is one of the best films of 2013 and is certainly not one to be missed.

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