The Internship – Film Review

Originally, I had absolutely no interest in watching this film. However, I was recently persuaded to watch it and I am quite glad that I did. Although not mind-blowing nor amazing, “The Internship” is an entertaining little movie about two grown men who have had the same career all their life and are now obsolete in their work experience.

To swing things around, they decide to take a dive into the deep end of the technology pool. Vince Vaughn‘s character, “Billy” comes up with the decision for he and his friend “Nick” played by Owen Wilson, to try out for a job at Google.

The last time Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson worked together, they created on-screen magic as wedding crashers with their comic timing and chemistry. If “Wedding Crashers” was the ‘firework‘ of their on-screen partnership together, then The Internship would be considered as the last one standing, still dancing when the party’s over.

I’m not saying that this was a particularly bad movie, but it wasn’t really good either. Although many parts made me roll my eyes and cringe, there were a lot of scenes that I did enjoy, like the interactions between the main group of characters. I’ll tell you what I liked… Aasif Mandvi was great as “Mr Cheddy” and I would never want a character like him to be my boss, ever. I loved Josh BrenerDylan O’Brien and Tiya Sircar as “Lyle”, “Stuart” and “Neha”. I just wish that “Stuart” and “Neha” had more interaction and character development between one another. It was nice to see Rose Byrne make a brief appearance, as well as John Goodman who seems to be in all sorts of movies lately.

It was also very interesting to take an inside look at Google and now I will forever mourn the fact that I will never have a Google job, or even more so, the perks. And I really loved those colourful free bikes too. *insert sad pouty face here*

Things I didn’t like… A lot of the training shown in the movie is quite ridiculous. It makes me wonder if a Google internship really does have some of the things shown, or is it all just for the cameras? A lot of the storyline topics highlighted never actually have any real conclusion such as Billy‘s romantic relationships, the rules of not dating co-workers, Neha‘s issues of being noticed, the university commitments that didn’t really exist and lying about credentials to gain a career, bullying in a workplace and what was to become of their old boss’ new business.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for Dylan O’Brien‘s and Tiya Sircar‘s future works as I do believe that these two were each highlights in this very dull film. There were also a lot of moments where I would laugh at some funny moments, but overall I was pretty dissatisfied and disappointed. I suppose the best part of the film was probably being apart of the cast and making it more than anything else.

The Internship was better than I thought it would be, but still not good enough. If you are curious to view it, I would suggest wait for it to come out on DVD as there are no perks for seeing it at the cinemas. After watching this film, I am not hating on the “Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson” partnership, but I am wondering,

“Where did the magic go?”

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