The Place Beyond The Pines – Film Review

The Place Beyond The Pines is a movie unlike any other that I have seen before. It could be considered as three different movies in one, or a movie in three parts.

The first part is about a travelling motorcycle stunt performer who discovers a year later that he has a son. Wanting to provide for his family, “Luke Glanton” played by Ryan Gosling chooses to leave his job, searches for a more stable line of work closer to home but soon resorts to robbing banks to help provide for the ones he loves.

The second part is about a low-ranking police officer that lives with the consequences of his actions during a shooting. Although in fear, “Avery Cross” played by Bradley Cooper tries to deal with corrupt officers in his own department.

The third and final instalment takes place fifteen years later where two boys AJ and Jason cross paths. “AJ” played by Emory Cohen and “Jason” played by Dane DeHaan become fast friends but slowly grow apart when turns his attention to seeking the truth about his father.

Although not for everyone, I found The Place Beyond The Pines to be extremely clever and thought provoking. I have not seen director/writer Derek Cianfrance‘s works before, but I thought that his vision was very unique, creative and ambitious, and I will definitely keep my eyes peeled regarding his future work.

I also really admire Ryan Gosling choosing more arthouse, less commercial, independent films too. I’ve noticed that he’s been doing this a lot lately with his filmography and I have to say that he’s definitely doing the right thing regarding his career. I say this because I feel it really does display is versatility with his roles and his talents in acting. I will say the same or Bradley Cooper, his acting is equally impressive. I’ve never paid much attention to him before, but now I know not to overlook him.

The Place Beyond The Pines is a clever, deep, dramatic film about life, family, the choices we make, and bloodlines. It was not what I had originally expected at all, and I’m glad. If you have been curious about this film and unsure, I’ll tell you right now – it’s definitely worth watching.

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