Pinkish Blu: theres no such thing as good people – EP Review

During this crazy time, you would think that music artists would be hindered and discouraged to release new music during a global pandemic. However, Adelaide alternate indie pop quartet, Pinkish Blu powered through, recently releasing their apostrophe-free EP, ‘theres no such thing as good people’ and for a debut, it is incredibly impressive.

Every tune on the 5-track record has the same energy, versatile in its sound where you can either chill, cry or dance to, thanks to the mixed emotions contained in each song. For instance, with ‘Coupon’ the lyrics, “Oh Lord, I never knew I was so lost until I found, I’m not. Gunned down, I never knew what love was until I found out – I’m not.” Even with these intriguing lyrics, the song is incredibly catchy, accompanied with 80s sounding synths. And who doesn’t love the 80s?

My favourite song off the EP is ‘Red Hot Moon’. It is eloquent, romantic, beautiful and heartbreaking with its power-ballad-like sound and poetic lyrics, “I’m thinking ‘oh my god’, you’re all I’ll ever want. But you’re the red hot moon and I’m a waterfront.” Ouch. Talk about star-crossed lovers! The song sounds like it should belong to a film soundtrack with how expressive and emotive it is, painting a picture for the listener on a love story we will never get to see.

Last but not least, ‘Watermark’ is the perfect ending track with an excellent use of acoustic guitar and its heartfelt lyrics “How do you look so alive?” and the striking sentence that repeats towards the end of the track, “All your new friends don’t know you like I do.” With the song’s narrative observing an ex-lover moving on, this is a song that would be hard not to relate to and probably the most lyrically mature of the record. When have we ever been really ‘okay’ after a break-up after all?

Pinkish Blu have provided a wonderful debut that sounds both fresh and familiar at the same time, as if you have listened to them all your life and they have been around for years. I also believe that we have only scratched the surface with their music, and there is far more depth and vulnerability for them to expose. I am very excited for their future.

‘theres no such thing as good people’
is available to buy or stream now.

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