No More Wings – Short Film Review

No More Wings is more than just a movie about friends catching up over fried chicken. If this is all you get from seeing this film, then you have not seen the true value and message of hope that it is trying to showcase.

Abraham Adeyemi‘s 10-minute feature really portrays strong imagery of how our decisions really shape who we become in the future. It is more directed to the youths of this generation that live within the ghetto society and that there is a way out if you work hard and are willing to ‘learn how to fly’.

The first scene really sets up the background of both characters, Isaac is a well-dressed man that seems to have his life in check and reading from his suit and fancy wristwatch, he is doing well for himself. His friend, Jude is dressed in your typical ghetto outfit. He slips a bag of what looks like drugs into pocket before Isaac greets him. By the way the two are dressed and the way their held themselves with their body language, immediately shows that there are two different lifestyles and lives that are being lived. The setting being within a low-income South London neighbourhood also breaks it down for the viewers that even growing up in such an environment, drugs and the street/siren lifestyle isn’t the only option available for you to live life and make coin. If you are willing to put in the effort to, you will eventually be able to fly and soar to a much higher ground.

Throughout the film, you get a glimpse at what the two were like when they were younger, and this is where it really shows where each of their focus and commitment are at. Isaac as a young kid has focus and is shown as someone who is really switched on. He tries to encourage Jude to focus on his soccer and make something of himself, however Jude seems to be more interested in a pathway that may never work out.

There is a powerful scene where Jude passes a packet of drugs to his younger self and that I found represents the domino effect of how drugs are passed down to a younger generation to carry on that lifestyle, but it doesn’t need to be this way. Through Isaac‘s representation, he stands for another way to live and a way out.

What was really saddening was that the more that you soak into this film, the more the title begins to make sense. Although they were from the same walks of life, they now belonged to two different worlds, and that after this box of chicken wings, there would be ‘No More Wings’ – meaning this would be where they say farewell.

I thought all the actors were brilliant and as short and simple as this film was, it was perfect. It said what it needed to say, it flowed well and the message it was trying to get out there was clear as day. Not to mention, I really enjoyed the soundtrack and overall feel of the movie. The narrative had a good pacing from start to finish.

I believe people need to be more aware of this film because the message of hope that it contains needs to be heard. Kids living within the ghetto society need to be reminded that there is another way and that they don’t need to sell drugs to make a living – because that will lead to more heartache and pain. It introduces something new and yes, it will be hard, but if you keep clean, stay in school, set your sights on a better future and work hard for it, you will reap the rewards and a way out will be provided.

The message in No More Wings needs to be heard. Not only can it inspire many trouble youths for a better life, but it can give a new perspective of hope and it may save them.

No More Wings is available to watch for free for a limited time on Youtube thanks to the We Are One Global Film Festival.

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