Happy Death Day 2U – Film Review

Happy Death Day 2U is the sequel to the surprise hit, Happy Death Day which was released in 2017.

Lead actress Jessica Rother returns to her role as Theresa “Tree” Gelbman, finding herself back in the time loop that she thought she had previously escaped from. This time around, although the day may be on repeat, something that Tree has previously encountered before, the scenario is completely different. Tree is in a situation now where her roommate is no longer the ‘baby mask killer’ and her boyfriend Carter Davis played by Israel Broussard is now dating the mean girl, Danielle Bouseman played by Rachel Matthews.

Once Tree discovers that she is in a parallel universe where her mother is alive, Tree must make the difficult decision on whether to choose to stay in a universe where her mother whom she has deeply missed still lives, or to go back to the original universe where Tree and Carter are together in their happy relationship.

With the sequel more focused on the relationship between Tree, her mother and Carter, I found that Happy Death Day 2U took away the attention from the ‘baby mask killer’ which was the main storyline from the original film. To be honest, I wanted to see more different ways Tree could be murdered which I found hilariously entertaining in the first film.

As much as I enjoyed seeing Jessica Rother’s character Tree return with her sassy attitude, I found myself loving Rachel Matthew’s character Danielle more as we see a funnier side to Danielle that we didn’t see before in the previous film, specifically in a scene where Danielle pretends to be a blind French student. You will have to see the film yourself to understand which scene I’m referring to, but that moment had the whole cinema laughing.

If you loved the first movie, then you will no doubt still enjoy Happy Death Day 2U. Although I prefer first film, I still thoroughly enjoyed this sequel. Happy Death Day 2U is out now in cinemas across Australia.

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