Matador – Theatre Review

Are you a fan of the circus, ballet or burlesque? What if I told you that there is a show that includes all of these and more?

Written, directed and produced by Bass G Fam, Matador is the latest production to hit the stage at The Melba Speigeltent showcasing 14 performers in a high energy, non-stop dance spectacular. With Gerard Pigg as lead choreographer, Matador tells the story of love, lust, sexual discovery, passion, infidelity and unrequited love. Each of the stunning performers hit stage to put on several different pieces; from ballet to pole dancing.

The show opens with every dancer on the stage to perform one of many group numbers. Their synchronicity is incredible, and the routines are honestly executed flawlessly. Throughout the show, many of the performers are each given their moment to shine. While I enjoyed every cleverly choreographed piece, my favourite would be the aerial number between Tro Griffiths and Christopher Politis which was not only awe inspiringly beautiful, but it really moved me emotionally.

At no point during Matador did I find my attention wavering. I was captivated the entire time. Aside from the impressive dance routines, we are shown incredible displays of strength with the aerial and pole dancing numbers that are executed perfectly with an added twist of burlesque. I know that these stunts are quite hard, but these performers are so damn talented that they make these feats look graceful and effortless. I also want to applaud Gerard Pigg who choreographed many of the dance pieces and took to the stage with his scene-stealing flare and sassiness. I loved every moment of Matador and I while I did leave satisfied, I still wanted more.

Matador has everything from stunning group numbers, to seductive pairings and captivating solo pieces. More importantly, the show sends a very strong message that love is love, no matter what gender. So, if you are after a fun-filled, sexy and seductive and entertaining evening out on the town, then Matador is the show for you.

Matador is now at the Melba Spiegeltent until Saturday 2nd March and tickets are available through Eventfinda or you skip the searching by just visiting the link here.

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