Wendy’s Top 10 Will Pan Songs – Music Article

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I heard that Will Pan is finally coming to our shores for an Australian tour.

I’ve been listening to him for years and have always been impressed by the vast genre and concepts he ventures into. From his signature hip-hop style, his amazingly catchy dance tracks, to his beautifully sung ballads; Will Pan has conquered every style and yet is always able to challenge himself with something new.

For those unfamiliar with Will Pan or want a refresher, here is my Top 10 best Will Pan songs.

10. 全面通緝 (Totally Wanted) – 2011

My favourite dance track of his! I loved the concept of the song, the choreography, the music video plot and the MV outfits. Is it a simply a song, or has he just given us a whole movie?!

9. Coming Home – 2017

A very signature Will Pan rap song. He is so distinctive with his old-school hip-hop sound, you can identify his music so easily. It’s satisfyingly powerful and very catchy.

8. 不得不愛 ft. 弦子 (Cannot Not Love ft. Xianzi) – 2005

A classic, a legendary song, a song known far and wide. This Will Pan song is easily one of the most loved Chinese duets to this day.

7. 梅雨季 (Plum Rain Season) – 2023

Will Pan’s latest single has quickly become one of my favourite songs. It brings back a familiar sound to his music that we haven’t heard from him in years. I love the clean acoustic style paired with a light-hearted melody. The perfect tune to welcome a nostalgic summer.

6. 我想更慬你 (Want To Know You) – 2006

There’s a lot of love songs out there with different themes including break up songs, ones that hype you up, but how often do you come across a song that talks about the misunderstanding between a mother and son and their way of communication? This song covers a point of view from both sides, and I remember feeling ashamed and reflecting on how I treated my own mother when it came out.

5. 轉機 (Transfer) – 2008

A wonderful pop ballad from Will Pan that is accompanied by a movie style music video. I loved this combination so much and still remember how much I loved that pilot outfit on him.

4. 愛上未來的妳 (Love The Future You) – 2003

This song always lifts my mood when I’m feeling down. It is a timeless classic that brings back memories.

3. 一個人 (Alone) – 2014

Will Pan is known for his bubbly and friendly personality, and I believe this is why his ballads are so impactful. This song conveys so much emotion and it really makes you reflect on the silence behind the spotlight.

2. 啞巴 (Numb) – 2017

I personally love a good R’n’B ballad, and this song is exactly that. The melody and the emotions in this song are conveyed beautifully. I also love that Will Pan went to the effort of learning sign language for the music video.

1. 24個比利 (The Story of Billy) – 2012

A ground-breaking masterpiece. The perfect combination of theatrics and music. I was in absolute awe when this song came out. The song, the choreography, the music video. Every aspect, perfect. Still ‘til this day, this song is hard to beat and is uniquely Will Pan.

Will Pan will be bringing his Coming Home World Tour, proudly presented by ACY LIVE and OZStars, to Australia this October, performing in Sydney at The Star Event Centre on October 19 and will perform in Melbourne at Margaret Court Arena on October 21.

For more information and ticketing, visit:

Photography from Will Pan’s official YouTube channel.

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