UPSAHL: This Is My First Headline Tour, Hotel Westwood, Melbourne, November 2, 2022 – Live Review

Melbourne was lucky enough to have the talented American singer-songwriter, UPSAHL perform in Australia for her tour appropriately titled, ‘This is My First Headline Tour’.

The Hotel Westwood Bandroom in Melbourne filled with eager fans chanting for the fierce singer to grace the stage, ready to rage. I had never been to the Hotel Westwood before but really enjoyed the intimacy that the room offered to get right up-close and personal with her.

From the moment she hit the stage, the venue was captivated. The room filled with screams of excitement and eyes locked on UPSAHL as ‘Lady Jesus’ started to play. As someone who wasn’t as familiar with UPSAHL’s work, I could tell from the enthusiastic crowd that this tour was highly anticipated. You could feel the excitement from both the audience of adoring fans and UPSAHL herself.

One thing that really stood out for me from the get-go was how mesmerizing she was. Her engagement with her fans was evident as she moved around the stage. At one point, a fan from the front row got a glimpse of her set list taped to the floor and passionately screamed, “This next song is my favourite song ever!” and UPSAHL dedicated her single ‘Stressed’ to the dedicated fan, Hannah. UPSAHL was very interactive and did not disappoint, making everlasting memories with the audience by grabbing one fan’s phone and videoing herself while performing on stage.

One of the most memorable moments from the night had to have been when UPSAHL introduced her song ‘Lunatic’ asking that everyone let loose, and she finished the song off with her fans in a circle surrounding her, as they jumped and happily screamed alongside her. This was definitely a moment I’ll never forget anytime soon.

UPSAHL is that cool cousin of the family that you look up to with their style, creativity, and natural flare to be unapologetically authentic. Her latest single ‘Into My Body’ was a crowd favourite along with ‘Arizona’, ‘IDFWFEELINGS’, and ‘MoneyOnMyMind’. It was also cool to also see her cover ‘3 Nights’ by Dominic Fike. 

When I first discovered UPSAHL, it was on TikTok with her hit ‘Drugs’ that became quite popular on the app. Seeing her perform live however took it to another level. With her range and little nuances, she does really solidify her talent.

I may have arrived at the concert as a more reserved attendee, unfamiliar with her range of work other than her hit on TikTok but I left the gig excited to see what UPSAHL had next for her fans, myself included.

UPSAHL is a force to be reckoned with. Her talent, charisma, and style is only going to get better as she perfects her craft, driven by her mutual love and adoration with her fans. I have no doubt that she’ll be back in Melbourne and Australia again soon.

UPSAHL performed in Melbourne as part of her ‘First Headline Tour’ on Wednesday the 2nd of November at Hotel Westwood. She will then perform in Sydney at Oxford Art Factory this Friday the 4th of November before taking her tour to Europe.

For more information on UPSAHL and ticketing for the remaining Australian concert, visit:

Photography by Michael Nguyen.

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  1. Looooove!!!
    The review makes you feel like you are at the concert but unfortunately I wasn’t… sad for me…
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