Untitled Goose Game (Nintendo Switch) – Gaming Review

Have you ever been in a lovely park by a pond enjoying a picnic, only to be terrorised by a goose? No? Well now you can, only you’re the goose and you get wreak havoc. Currently available on Nintendo Switch and Epic Games for PC & Mac, Untitled Goose Game is developed by the tiny, four person, Australian indie studio House House from Port Melbourne.

Set in a lovely little town full of people just trying to live their lives, you, the ultimate agent of chaos, The Goose, head out around town to ruin their day. As you waddle your way around the town, the game quickly teaches you the mechanics; how to run, pick up and drop items, flap your wings, dip your head to squeeze under obstacles, and most importantly, the dedicated honk button.

This game is extremely satisfying with his humour, music and deliciously mischievous as you attempt to stealthy complete a list of tasks by stealing the townsfolk’s belongings and destroying their gardens. You can either get around the town honking your way through the challenges and causing distress to the residences. Or you can try do it quietly, but also cause distress.

Even though I managed to complete the main missions rather quickly, there is still plenty to do with this game. Just search around on the internet for 5 minutes and you will quickly see the absolute mayhem some people have been able to create. Even just running around town, breaking and stealing things just for the fun of it is truly gratifying.

Untitled Goose Game has been an instant success for the studio, launching on Nintendo Switch’s eShop in September it quickly hit the top of the charts around the world and it is very easy to see why! It is not very often that a game comes around, that is so damn simple yet so brilliantly executed. I also feel proud that it’s an Australian game too, conquering the world one honk (and stolen possession) at a time.

Some might call The Goose a villain, but I think the goose is more of an anti-hero. Everyone needs to play this game. And I mean it, go a buy it or I’ll set a goose loose in your home just so you can experience it!

Untitled Goose Game is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC & Mac with rumours of the game may waddle its way onto PlayStation and Xbox. But don’t wait, get it now! Then get it again!

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