The Angry Birds Movie 2 – Film Review

From what started as a popular phone App, The Angry Birds Movie is back for a sequel with even more celebrity voice overs.

After saving the town in the first Angry Birds Movie, Red (Jason Sudeikis) teams up with his two close friends Bomb (Danny McBride) and Chuck (Josh Gad), to protect Bird Island from Leonard (Bill Hader) and his minion of green pigs who continue to pull pranks on the birds. When a large ice ball lands close to Piggy Island, Leonard puts all his differences aside and sends an emergency truce to the birds, surrendering for help.

Realising the pigs aren’t pulling another prank, the two groups form a small team which introduces Leonard’s sidekick assistant Courtney (Akwafina) and Chuck’s sister, Silver (Rachel Bloom) as they all come together to save each other’s island homes.

Discovering the giant ice balls are coming from a third isle not far called Eagle Island, the group set tracks to stop the new big bad bird, Zeta (Leslie Jones), and her convocation of eagles. With Red being so stubborn and big headed, he becomes intimidated by Silver’s brilliant ideas to take down Zeta and refuses to work Chuck’s sister, but Red must acknowledge that there’s more room than one hero on Bird Island.

From what was originally created as a phone app in 2009, has become so successful and huge that not only did the Angry Birds franchise get a TV series, but with this film as a new addition into the franchise, the Angry Birds series now has not one, but two big screen movies, with so many big celebrities lending their voices.

Tiffany Haddish, Maya Rudolph, and Peter Dinklage are just a few of the famous names who voiced these characters. It seemed like every voice was someone famous that the audience knew. Maybe this was to bring entertainment to the adults because I don’t feel young kids would be too fussed by ‘A-Lister’ names such as Nicki Minaj, who put on a very bad fake British accent, which honestly made me cringe a little.

With the bright colours and silly jokes, kids are sure to enjoy Angry Birds 2. And as for someone like me who doesn’t have kids, I still really enjoyed this film, although probably not as much as I enjoyed the first one. Despite not being better than the first, Angry Birds 2 is still entertaining and had me laughing more than I thought I would be.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is a great and fun filled movie for the whole family to enjoy. There’s something there for everyone, not matter how old you are. So if you enjoyed the first movie, make sure you get yourself a ticket and go see The Angry Birds Movie 2, which is now showing in cinemas across Australia.

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