Roccat Burst Pro – Product Review

We all have one and likely use it daily. The humble computer mouse has been by our sides for what seems like forever. Most users will have a generic three button device that gets you through your daily tasks. But for gamers, there is a plethora of options in the market to aide in your mission to be the best gamer you can be. Thankfully, Roccat have just launched the latest in their gaming peripheral arsenal with the Burst Pro Wired Gaming Mouse. I tested this device using my HP Spectre Laptop running Windows 10 Professional.

Before I even got the chance to plug the Burst Pro into my PC, I was instantly impressed with its build quality. The shape is very similar to most OEM devices you might have used in an office or even with a pre-packaged desktop PC. Not only is this shape comfortable to grip, but it also makes the transition to a gaming mouse much easier. The next thing that stood out to me was the weight. Normally, I would go for something that is heavy. My gaming mouse from years ago had a cartridge that would allow you to adjust the weight of the mouse. However, the extremely light 68g weight of the Roccat Burst Pro was surprisingly comfortable. This, combined with the super slick skates on the bottom, make it extremely easy to glide around on my desk pad. There are also some replacement skates in the packaging should you require them. Also, don’t forget to peel of the protective film, I almost did. The connection cord is unlike anything I have seen before. It is patented as a ‘PhantomFlex’ cable and upon touching it, I can see why. Like the mouse, it is light weight and combined with the braided casing it gives you that wireless feel as if there is no cable at all.

Upon plugging in the Burst Pro, the 16.8M Colour RGBA Lighting began to randomly pulse, and the device instantly started working with the basic five button functionality; Left and Right click, scroll wheel with click and the side Forward and Back buttons for browser navigation. However, the 6th button on the mouse will not necessarily function to its full capacity until you install the proprietary Roccat Swarm software. To install the software, I had to use Google to locate it. This directed me to the Roccat website and their subsequent support page. I could not find a direct link to the page on the box. There is a QR Code on the underside of the mouse, however this is just a code for the serial number that is printed next to it. This was a little frustrating, but once the software was located, the instillation was relatively simple.

With the Roccat Swarm software installed I was ready to dive in to see what the Burst Pro can do, and boy it sure can do a lot! I have used proprietary software in the past, but I have never seen anything like the Roccat Swarm software. The customisation options are seemingly endless! To start with, there are the basic settings of; Vertical Scroll Speed, Horizontal Tile Speed, Double-Click Speed and Windows Pointer Speed. Next to this is where the DPI Switcher can be fully customised. There are certain games that require a quick reaction and movement, whilst during other times you may need a more smooth and concise movement. The DPI Switcher allows you to change the speed at which the mouse will move around. There are five options you can set that range from 50dpi to 16,000dpi. However, before you go changing these, it is highly recommended you run the calibration tool to not only get a feel for the mouse, but auto calibrate it to your own movement and reaction speeds. The Titan Switch Optical buttons themselves are designed for speed and longevity. They are extremely tactile and ‘clicky’ to the touch, giving the mouse that ‘mechanical keyboard feel’.

There are so many other customization options available within the Roccat Swarm software. I was able to set an RGB Illumination setting that I liked. The colours can be customized in two sections; Top, covering the buttons and scroll wheel, and the bottom that covers the palm rest of the device. You can set the colours individually or pick from a predefined theme. The possibilities are endless. There are also some advanced settings that allow you to change things like the distance from the surface that the mouse will stop moving. Meaning, if you like to lift the mouse off the table a lot, you can set this to stop the mouse from moving each time you lift off. You can also switch on sound feedback that will announce through our audio device when a profile changes, or the DPI switch is pressed. And you can set the LED time out to switch off the RGBA lighting after a certain cooldown.

Where this software really comes into its own is the button assignment customisation. Not only can this assist the gamer by allowing them to reassign one of the highly tactile Titan Optical Switches, but you can also set up an Easy-Shift[+] button. To test this, I assigned the browser forward button to Easy-Shift[+] and then assigned the other buttons to perform special actions. Again, the possibilities are endless with this feature. You can assign a macro, hotkey, timer, multimedia controls, browser controls and many other commands. As a gamer, you might set this to a key bind that is slightly out of reach of your WASD hand for quick action, or even set it to push-to-talk in Discord. Even if you are not a gaming, you can set it to perform common actions such as Copy/Paste or CTRL+S for the save-a-holics out there (guilty as charged). In addition to the button customisations, there are also five core profiles that you can create. This enables you to set up a profile for your favourite games and functionality.

It is abundantly clear that Roccat thought extremely hard about what their product has to offer and how their software can benefit every user. The hardware itself is extremely well built, light and easy to use. I can see how the light formfactor of this device can come in handy when you are using it every day. Whether it be for the long gaming session or an eight-hour workday, the Burst Pro is designed with extended use in mind. Whilst out of the box, the mouse is really ‘just a mouse’ – it is the accompanying software that sets the Roccat product ahead of the pack.  I have honestly not seen anything like it. Not only is the Swarm software beneficial to the mouse, it is also beneficial to the entire Roccat ecosystem and can link and sync all your Roccat peripherals via their AIMO intelligent lighting system. One thing is for sure, when I am searching for a new gaming keyboard, I’ll be adding the Roccat range to the top of my shortlist.

The Roccat Burst Pro is the perfect all rounder with longevity in mind and has quickly taken place on my desk as my new ‘daily driver’. It is available in Black and White with an RRP of $99.95 AUD. You can buy direct from or any reputable technology supply retailer.

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