Oracle, Adelaide Fringe – Theatre Review

Zodiac mythology. Legendary tales that have been told for thousands of years, and now visionary artists at Bass Fam Creative have put their personal spin on these stories.

Using their tried and proven expertly perfected blend of burlesque, circus, and dance, combined with an impeccable soundtrack, the extremely talented performers take us on a journey through the constellations. The voyage through the stars features goddesses, gods, beasts, mermaids, mortals, and everything in between – all portrayed by an incredibly talented cast of dancers and stitched together with a voice over from the Oracle.

Oracle is presented at Adelaide Fringe in The Octagon tent, a large circus style tent in the heart of Gluttony. The staging is rather simple with an Ancient Greece style backdrop and a medium sized stage complete with a short catwalk to the centre of the Octagon. This is where the high-flying aerial action takes place, and I love these tent venues for the atmosphere and intimacy that they create, making it feel like you’re a fly on the wall at times.

The costumes that writer, producer and director Bass G. Fam designed and created are a spectacle in their own right. They have taken every chance to throw their creativity at these well-known ancient characters and have put their sexy and bold signature spin on them. I thoroughly love how androgynous Bass makes some of the costumes, which I feel only adds another dimension to the shows, and further displays the passion and unique style that Bass Fam Creative is known for.

From the first act, you can tell you’re in for a wild ride and the show does not disappoint. Broken down into several acts, the Oracle tells the myth behind each Zodiac sign, kicking off with Libra and an incredible belly dance infused performance from Keeva Svikart. Throughout the entirety of the show, the spectacle continues to captivate audiences and the energy doesn’t wane at all! 

Each Zodiac performance is breathtaking. Bettie Bombshell‘s fire show as Leo was a real highlight and left me hungry for more. However, my favourite performance of the night would have to be the Gemini performance, consisting of Reed Kelly & Jack Dawson, known collectively as Two Fathoms. Kelly and Dawson performed an awe-inspiring, heart-stopping, high-flying aerial straps piece that left my mind blown. It’s easy to see that the pair are on the same wavelength and work incredibly well together. Two perfect bodies gracefully marrying together to become one, twisting and contorting into all sorts of positions, providing a performance that is both severely captivating and effortlessly exquisite.

After previously seeing Bass Fam Creative’s production of Matador, and now having the chance to view this new production of Oracle, it is evident that Bass G. Fam has put his heart and soul into his art, along with those that he chooses to present his vision with. No expense is spare, the passion and the level of attention to detail is top notch and appears flawless. Only the best for Bass, and it shows in the final product. I personally cannot wait to see what Bass and his team come up with next, and admittedly, my partner and I are converted dedicated fans now! Oracle is a must-see experience!

Oracle is playing now as part of the 2022 of Adelaide Fringe at Octagon Tent at Gluttony – Rymill Park.
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Photography by Ben Vella.

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