Melbourne Symphony Orchestra: Frozen in Concert – Live Review

Ten years ago, a musical animated film took the world by storm (literally).

Now celebrating a decade of filling people’s hearts and family homes with happiness and song, along with having a full Disney On Ice adaptation and a stage musical version, Frozen is celebrating its 10th anniversary, perfectly timed during Disney’s 100-year celebration. To commemorate the cultural phenomenon, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra recently put on two Frozen in Concert performances on Saturday the 17th of June.

With a matinee and evening show on the same date, fans flocked to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre’s The Plenary to see their favourite Disney royal sisters, Anna and Elsa (voiced by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, respectively), on the big screen in concert. Prior to the concert, there were several photobooths that allowed fans to take photos with Olaf, Elsa, in a snow globe, and even with a wall of sequins that provided a glamorous backdrop and memento to keep of attending the concert. Concert wise, together with the MSO Chorus, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra was conducted by the charming Jessica Gethin, who was just as excited as patrons to be part of Frozen In Concert in its Australian premiere.

For many, this show was an excellent way to rewatch the beloved film, for others, this was their first time seeing it, and for even more, this was their very first time seeing a symphony orchestra. Before beginning the film, conductor Jessica Gethin excitedly asked the audience who was seeing the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for the first time, and it was so adorable to see little hands shoot up from seats all over the venue.

During the performance, everyone in the venue was well behaved, both the adults and children, although I am certain so many wanted to break into song during the musical numbers. At the same time, I like many, were enamoured by the orchestra, their talents, and instruments. The percussion section at the beginning of the film already gave me chills, but in the best possible way. Seeing a film with a live orchestra is a magical experience that’s beyond words, it provides another dimension to a film as you realise just how important music is to cinema.

Hearing the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra perform ‘Let It Go’, I was really moved and emotional, to the point where I surprisingly found myself holding my breath anticipating the song’s piano introduction. Meanwhile, hearing Josh Gad’s Olaf sing ‘In Summer’ with the live orchestra sounded amazing, and it was even better to hear so many shout “Happy snowman!” during the song which was followed by cheeky giggles. Spectacular is an understatement to what everyone witnessed that night.

It’s no secret that Frozen is special, but it is even more so when accompanied with a live orchestra. I honestly envy all that were seeing Frozen for the first time via these concerts. The magic wasn’t lost on me though as attending Frozen in Concert has made me fall in love with Frozen again, as well as its characters, its songs, humour, and heart.

I’m so very thankful that the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra held the Australian premiere of Frozen in Concert. Then again, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra never disappoint, always putting on wonderful concerts and Frozen was no exception.

Frozen in Concert was performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the MSO Chorus on Saturday the 17th of June at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre’s The Plenary at 1pm and 7pm. We attended on the 7pm concert for the purpose of this review.

Although both MSO shows for Frozen in Concert are now over, there are a lot more excellent concerts coming up this year.
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