Little – Film Review

From the producer who brought us Girls Trip and Night School, brings a new comedy to the table; Little starring Regina Hall as the boss lady Jordan Sanders.

As a kid, Jordan was never popular in school, and her classmates made fun of her for being a nerd. Not caring what the other kids thought of her, Jordan embraced her smarts and grew up to become a successful business owner of a high tech company.

The success of her business gets to Jordan’s head and she becomes mean towards her staff, peers and basically everyone around including a small child who Jordan bumps into in. Not impressed with Jordan’s attitude, the child waves her toy wand at Jordan, and wishes she was a little again.

Waking up the next day, Jordan discovers she’s turned back into her dorky looking 13 year old self. Not knowing what to do, Jordan who is a now played by Marsai Martin, seeks the help from her personal assistant April Williams who is played by Issa Rae.

Not being able to go into work, Jordan is forced to enrol into her childhood school, while April attempts to locate the little girl who placed this spell on Jordan in hopes to turn everything back to normal before she is stuck like this forever.

Now we’ve all seen this story be done in different ways such as Big, Suddenly 30, and 17 Again to name a few. So it’s hard to not go into the movie and be able to predict how the story will go. However, I still found the movie enjoyable to watch with many hilarious scenes. I almost felt like it was going to be a movie where all the funny jokes are at the start of the film, and then the last half drags, but this remained funny throughout from start to finish.

I was a fan of Marsai Martin from the hit show Black-ish. I already knew how hilarious she can be, but then to discover she not only starred in this film but also produced Little is mind blowing, especially for someone at such a young age with so much talent. Marsai Martin was so entertaining and joyful to watch. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her work in the near future.

Even though I felt the movie went a little too long, and could’ve been shorted by about 20 mins, it’s definitely a movie I recommend to watching if you enjoy a fun comedy that you can sit back and laugh to with family and friends.

Little is out now in cinemas across Australia.

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