Lastlings, Forum Melbourne, Melbourne, June 30th 2023 – Live Review

Lastlings, electronic pop band and sibling Amy and Josh Dowdle from Gold Coast, Queensland kicked off their Perfect World Tour on Friday the 30th of June at Melbourne’s iconic Forum Theatre, putting on a hell of a show.

In promotion of their latest release, Perfect World, only coming out a few days prior to the tour, it was hard not to instantly be wowed by the lighting set up for the Perfect World Tour and at the time while I was admiring the lighting, the lights hadn’t even been turned on yet! As Lastlings took the stage, the venue lit up with overhead lights engulfing the crowd at the front, all who have no doubt been waiting for hours for their unobstructed spot at their barrier. Sometimes a performer’s connection with a crowd never extends past the pit, however this was not the case for Lastlings as their love and appreciation for the fans in Melbourne venue was obvious.

The leading vocalist, Amy has heavenly vocals that float to, though, and above the crowd, with the accompanying synth sounds of the keyboard never distorting her voice into robotic sounds which I found so enjoyable about Lastlings. As much as they were a dance band, they performed like a pop/alternative band. Having fun on stage while dishing out tune after tune, the energy of the venue came in waves throughout the concert. While the area at the front was without a doubt having a ball and it looked like so much fun, this fun and energy never seemed to fully reach the back, even when one of their more popular songs, ‘Deja Vu’ was played.

Despite this and admittedly while I am not widely familiar with their music, Lastlings made me so happy. I jumped around, danced, and the fact that they’re an Australian band and still relatively new made it all that much better. There were times that it was a little obvious that they hadn’t played a lot of large venues the size of the Forum, but this is fine because that will come in time. Especially considering they performed to a sold-out venue.

What Lastlings currently have is a beautiful stage presence, haunting lyrics, and a genuine reciprocated love exchange with their fans.

Presented by Untitled Group, Lastlings is currently on tour as part of their Perfect World Tour and performed at Forum Melbourne on Friday the 30th of June. The duo then head over to Brisbane’s Princess Theatre on July 7, Sydney’s Metro Theatre on July 8, ending their headline tour in Perth on July 15.

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Photography by Michael Nguyen.

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