Katy Perry: Never Worn White – Music & Video Review

In all honesty, there came a point of time where I feared that Katy Perry would never be vulnerable again. And who could really blame her with the way the general public and media chastised her for everything that she did, despite Perry being one of the most genuine and kind individuals in the business.

With the last two ballads from Katy’s Witness era, “Save As Draft”, which speaks of devastating heartache and “Into Me You See”, which tells of her barriers being broken down and falling in love again, “Never Worn White” represents the culmination of a new chapter in Perry’s life.

The song, starting out with a little nod to Felix Mendelssohn‘s classical composition of “Wedding March”, contains atmospheric synth, strings and incredibly vulnerable lyrics. Perry has always been talented at speaking volumes with the most cleverly written lyrics, but with new song “Never Worn White”, I believe that this is Katy Perry at her most exposed.

It is no secret that Katy Perry writes from her life experiences, having gone through her fair share of love journeys from a very publicised unsuccessful marriage with Russell Brand and her long-term relationship with John Mayer. Now engaged to Orlando Bloom and soon to be married, the song shares of Katy finding her forever love and taking the next big leap in her life.

The lyrics repeat the phrase ‘I do’ quite often, which is a touching way of addressing her intentions of love and commitment. My favourite line from the song would be, “I do, see us in 60 years with a full family tree.” If that line alone doesn’t touch your heart, nothing will.

The music video is also beautiful, with ethereal colours of pink, blue and purple where Perry is shown in two different scenes; one where she is standing in a white dress in front of a circular window displaying a blue sky and pink clouds, reminiscent to her Teenage Dream era (figuratively putting the past behind her). The other scene where Perry is adorned in flowers all in full bloom, is a play on her fiancée’s last name, but also visually familiar with flowers everywhere, reminding fans of Perry’s “Unconditionally” ballad, single cover and music video.

I have learnt that with Katy Perry, she leaves many ‘easter eggs’ in her music videos, cares very deeply about hidden meanings, double meanings and metaphors, and that nothing is ever an accident when it comes to her art. However, despite these little hints to fans in her music video, the love song’s greatest reveal is Perry’s pregnancy, which is shown at the end of the music video.

This beautiful number was never released for chart domination, but simply a gift to both her loved ones and her fans to historically record, acknowledge, announce the new chapter in her life. As a KatyCat, I could not be more nervous and excited for her. I understand she will have to go away for a while and just be a blushing bride, happy wife and mother. But in the end, I suppose we (as fans) all benefit, as she isn’t quitting music any time soon, and one can only think of all the love, joy and inspiration she will receive on this new exciting personal adventure.

Congratulations Katy!

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