Katy Perry: Daisies – Music & Video Review

As a fan, I can tell you that Katy Perry’s ‘KP5’ era has been a long time coming. And while we’re still waiting, I admit even I did not know what to expect with Katy’s first single from her upcoming untitled fifth studio album. So, when I finally listened to Daisies, I was surprised.

What I had expected to be slow and romantic, turned out to be more of a power-ballad with emphasis on the word ‘power’. The song ‘Daisies is more than just flowers. As a true articulate queen and an expert with metaphors, Katy Perry’s newest work, Daisies is the epitome of ‘resilience’.

The song addresses Perry’s battles from her beginnings, to highlighting a time in recent years where people doubted her abilities as an artist and with her career. Katy Perry has overcome all these previous obstacles both professionally and personally, and what has emerged from her battle scars is this wonderful song that she wears so effortlessly on her sleeve.

Sharing in interviews that she writes empowering songs when she feels low, this is a fact that is both admirable to hear and somewhat heartbreaking to discover. Especially when you count how many inspiring songs Katy Perry has in her repertoire. The song is also incredibly relatable and inspiring to the point being anthem-like. My favourite line of the track is, “They tell me I’m crazy, but I’ll never let them change me.” If you are aware of Perry’s musical history, this line speaks volumes.

Katy Perry has always had a genuine vulnerability to her image and to her work. The music video for Daisies directed by Liza Voloshin and filmed on a Super 8 film camera takes us back to a time of film, polaroids and projector slides, and it is super nostalgic. In the music video, Katy is raw and exposed, shown in a natural light with her hair regrowth – roots and all, frolicking in nature and proudly displaying her baby bump. This mother-to-be is doing the most, promoting her song during a time where many would be hindered, Perry is thriving.

Katy Perry’s untitled fifth studio album is coming August 14th and while there will be more songs on the way, I daresay that Daisies, a song about going after your dreams and not letting anything get in your way, is one of Perry’s best yet.

Daisies is available to buy and stream now.

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