Got7 at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, August 25, 2019 – K-Pop Live Review

Yugyeom, Mark, Youngjae, JB, BamBam, Jinyoung, and Jackson have been together as ‘Got7’ for a good part of 5 years now. They have garnered success globally and in K-Pop years, one would say Got7 are already established veterans in the industry.

Got7 performed on Sunday the 25th of August at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne as part of their “KEEP SPINNING 2019 World Tour” and are the third K-Pop group to do so at the iconic Melbourne venue. With a tour concept of transforming from ‘darkness to light’ themed on tackling mental health; anxiety and depression, the K-Pop titans were slowly fashionably revealed by digital curtains (three giant screens) to an excited and adoring audience that populated the arena, all equipped with their neon green Ahgabong lightsticks.

In all black attire, the crew brought the energy immediately, kicking off their first Melbourne arena show with their latest single “ECLIPSE”. Performing for a solid 3 hours, Got7 performed songs such as a BamBam ‘s stage remix version of “Stop Stop It” (which I haven’t been able to get out of my head since the show ended), “Never Ever”, “Look”, “Lullaby”, “Hard Carry” and my personal favourite, which made me fall in love with their music, “Just Right”. To be honest, during the first few shows of the KEEP SPINNING World Tour, “Just Right” was actually not on the setlist. So, when the song did play in Melbourne, I was both overjoyed and very relieved to be finally hearing it live.

The setlist was extensive and lovingly compiled to musically narrate Got7’s wonderful career as well as share very important morals along the way, the group explaining that the more the show goes on, the more their attire and the mood will change to reflect because ‘Ahgase’ are ‘the light’. I found this concept extremely clever, deep, meaningful and beautiful. I personally have anxiety and genuinely could relate to this very moving concept and message.

A highlight of the show would be when Got7 performed “Miracle”, which showed off their incredible vocals and impressive harmonising skills. And while it is evident that Yugyeom, Mark, Youngjae, JB, BamBam, Jinyoung, and Jackson are all excellent dancers with difficult choreography that they master effortlessly, I equally enjoyed just seeing them all happy and humble bouncing around and interacting with Ahgase in the crowd. During one point of the show, Mark even stopped to sit down at the edge of the stage and sign a fan’s tote back which I found really sweet. The show even took a fun and mischievous turn during “Go Higher” when Got7 turned the concert into their own personal water fight; splashing water at each other, their dancers and onto the fearless crowd.

BamBam, Mark and Jackson shone with their individual unique rapping styles, JB, Jinyoung, Yugyeom were ever impressive with their dancing talents and infectious smiles, but it was Youngjae who really impressed me on the night of the concert. This 2019 world tour marks Youngjae’s first visit to Melbourne as last time during Got7’s 2017 fan meet, Youngjae did not visit Australia due to back injury. Clearly with Youngjae’s strong and incredibly impressive vocals on display, this talented vocalist was more than making up for his 2017 absence.

At one point in the show, Jackson fell off the stage. This was somewhat frightening, especially for fans who were in close proximity at the time of the accident on the arena floor. But it didn’t take long for Jackson to spring back up and climb back on-stage. This alone is a great example of Got7’s professionalism. I would like to think that Jackson is fine as he did get back on his feet quite quickly, but if he isn’t, I wish him a speedy recovery prior to his next official commitment. Mark had a scare as well, nearly falling off the stage by losing his balance on the edge. However, this was more due to the stage being super slippery after all the water the group had enthusiastically thrown about during their water fight segment.

With only 3 outfit changes, 6 dancers, a catwalk stage and a couple of crazy big screens, Got7 ruled Melbourne last night by just being their fun, quirky, entertaining selves. Seeming more like a closely bonded brotherhood than just another K-Pop boy group, Got7 appeared strong, dynamic, warm, confident and comfortable on the Melbourne stage, and it shows. These seven talented performers have all worked hard to be where they are now in their careers and honestly deserve every success.

Initially, I had been strongly recommended to listen to Got7 by my friend in Thailand who is a hardcore ‘Ahgase/iGot7Got7 fan. So, when Got7 were announced to perform in Melbourne as part of their KEEP SPINNING World Tour, My curiosity led me to see what the fuss was all about. Arriving at the venue early, I met many Got7 fans who were warm, welcoming and extremely generous with Got7 themed handmade items that they gifted to fellow excited Ahgase. Two particular fans stood out as they had created enamel pins with the words ‘Keep Spinning 2019 World Tour, Sydney X Melbourne’ to gift to people. Now I have seen fan made banners, paper fans and stickers before. But I have never seen custom made pins with the tour cities listed on them, nor have I experienced such a strong community at any K-Pop concert. This was until I attended Got7 on Sunday. The fans are just as much part of the K-Pop experience as the concert itself.

Melbourne, we are so lucky to have had Got7 visit us and perform in one of the most iconic venues of Australia. It is clear that the fans too, practice the same strong messages of mental strength, support and love that Got7 promoted on their world tour. And I unashamedly can’t wait until Got7’s return to conquer Australia again.

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