Despicable Me 2 – Film Review

Illumination Entertainment has done it again with their hit, “Despicable Me 2”. It was so good to be reunited with all the characters we fell in love with from the original film.

This time we find that “Gru” played by Steve Carell is a reformed super villain who has decided to live a somewhat normal life now that he is a father. He meets with “Lucy” played by Kristen Wiig who is from the “Anti-Villain League (AVL)” and requires Gru‘s help to catch a villain. Focusing less on his daughters, this sequel is more about Gru finding love, and exposing a lot of “Minion” segments that don’t quite flow throughout the film.

I believe that Illumination Entertainment did the best that they could to create this film. With the wide positive reception for the “Minon” characters from the first film. I found this movie’s focus on the Minions a little too much. Although I like these characters a lot, the movie didn’t flow as well, giving these little yellow guys a bit too much screen-time. At many times during my viewing, the film didn’t feel like it was about Gru, but more of a focus on the Minions more than anything else.

That being said, I still enjoyed it. I loved how Pharrell Williams returned to create new music for the film. I also thought that Benjamin Bratt did a great job lending his voice to the character, “El Macho”. And the plot was solid enough to still make Despicable Me 2 a good movie. It may never be as good as the first one, but that doesn’t make it any less worthy of a viewing. Despite my criticism, I still highly recommend seeing Despicable Me 2 as it was still very funny and enjoyable.

I believe my favourite parts of the film were definitely scenes of El Macho’s pet chicken. That chicken is my hero and definitely stole the show. This is movie is so worth watching just for that crazy bird.

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