Cooking With Paris – TV Series Review

I must confess, I can’t cook. But I love cooking shows and find them extremely entertaining and strangely therapeutic. So, when I heard Paris Hilton had her own cooking show, my curiosity piqued.

Cooking With Paris is a Netflix 6-episode reality series showcasing Paris Hilton in all her glamorous glory, cooking in couture and shamelessly exposing her lack of cooking knowledge to the world. While she may not be the best cook in the kitchen, she is completely aware of this fact and is still willing to learn and give it a go. For us that cannot cook and aren’t so savvy in the kitchen, it is admittedly encouraging to watch, even though the show isn’t exactly informative or practical. Instead, Cooking With Paris is filled with hilarious tips, special guests, stunning outfits, various doggos and is mainly focused on Paris sussing things out in the kitchen. And she doesn’t always get it right, but she owns it, regardless of the outcome.

It is quite humbling for the heiress put herself on display in a world where she has no idea what she is doing, but Paris still manages to get the job done in the most unconventional way, and it is a lot of fun to watch. No stranger to reality TV (I mean, she pretty much invented it), Paris is a natural in front of the camera, has the most soothing voice and is effortlessly funny. Plus, the show is filled with quotes and hilarious moment; this includes the suggestion to use sunglasses to protect your eyes while chopping onions and having a back-up plan, which is okay if it not all homemade. My favourite part is when Paris is preparing a stuffed turkey for dinner and wonders about who exactly thought it was a good idea to stuff food up a turkey’s ass. Frankly, I agree wholeheartedly.

Cooking With Paris can also be a little anxiety inducing. For me, it is stunning outfits she wears with the lack of aprons. I always feared that her outfits would end up getting stained, as usually it can get messy in the kitchen. But nothing really ever happens to her dresses and Paris simply remains stunning. I suppose that the show would be a lot more stressful for those who do know their way around the kitchen and can actually cook. If you do sense that this show may be a traumatic experience because you like to do things the conventional way, take things seriously in the kitchen and always follow the recipe, then maybe this show is not for you.

Overall, I loved Cooking With Paris. The show is incredibly self-aware, uniquely charming and I hope there’s a second season. Paris Hilton is insanely likable, a joy to watch (seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling), and it has made me a little less apprehensive about being in the kitchen. I suppose if Paris Hilton can give it a go, then maybe the kitchen isn’t such a scary place after all (unless you have to do the dishes, then it’s a nightmare).

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