Brittany Runs a Marathon – Film Review

Brittany Runs a Marathon is a new female lead comedy, sharing the struggles of a young adult who receives a wake-up call and wants to change her ways in life for the better.

When Brittany (Jillian Bell) visits her a doctor, she is left with some unsettling news that her health could be at risk with her continuous drinking and late-night partying. Having never thought about her health prior to the appointment, Brittany starts to reflect and notices that the people she surrounds herself with are all moving on to steady careers and serious relationships, where as Brittany has neither feels lost in life.

While crying in her apartment, Brittany’s neighbour Catherine (Michaela Watkins) overhears the loud cries and checks in on Brittany. Cheering her up, Catherine shares a pep talk that inspires Brittany to focus on small steps of success. Starting with her health, Brittany begins to run one block at a time and joins Catherine’s running group for further motivation and meets her new running pal, Seth (Micah Stock). As the three friends become closer, they make a pack to set their goal higher and apply to run the 42.195km New York City Marathon. But to enter, they must apply to the marathon lotto for acceptance. As the date gets closer, the acceptance isn’t the only obstacle getting in the way to achieve the marathon goal.

Watching the trailer to this film, you get the instant thought that this is another film focused on an overweight female who loses all the weight and becomes drastically hot. I mean, it has been done so many times, that it’s the first thing we think of. But Brittany Runs a Marathon offers an inspiring and true story of Brittany O’Neill who is a friend of the film director, Paul Downs Colaizzo.

As the film started, I couldn’t help but get this Amy Schumer vibe from the lead actress, with both being blonde comedians and having a similar sense of humour. It didn’t take long for Jillian Bell to create her own identity as the jokes became less and the drama and romance heated up.

Jillian Bell is outstanding in this film as Brittany. I felt like I was there with her going on this emotional rollercoaster from her happy moments to the frustrating and sad times. Especially during moments when Brittany begins comparing her life to others, a bad habit that so many of us have experienced, and one that I was able to relate to and connect with.

Even though I had seen Jillian Bell in previous films such as Rough Night, 22 Jump Street and Office Christmas Party, it wasn’t until now that she’s stood out. In Brittany Runs a Marathon, Jillian Bell left huge impression on me that I will remember.

If you’re a fan of rom-coms and drama, then this film is prefect for you. Brittany Runs a Marathon is a beautiful, funny, relatable and inspiring story that brought laughter, happiness and even a few tears.

Brittany Runs a Marathon in selected cinemas now across Australia.

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