Another Round – Film Review

Norwegian psychotherapist Finn Skårderud made the wild claim that humans are born with a blood alcohol level 0.05 per cent too low. This hypothesis forms the central narrative of the 2020 multi award winning Danish film Another Round

The film follows four friends and teachers that find their lives in a rut, their students unmotivated and their personal lives boring and monotonous. On Nikolaj’s 40th birthday the group celebrates out at a fancy dinner full of caviar and fine alcoholic beverages. The topic of Skårderud’s claim is raised and after the big night of party, the 4 decide to give it a crack. But to make it ‘legit’ they will write a paper along the way, documenting the effects of their experiment.

Mads Mikkelson stars in the lead role as Martin, a history teacher that’s bored with his life and drifting from his wife and family. His performance in the film is fantastic, as we watch him break out of his depression and rediscover his energy and passion for teaching. Mikkelson’s performance felt authentic and very moving.

Mikkelson’s supporting cast also deliver great performances, and as a whole shared genuine energy on-screen. I feel the standout from the group was Thomas Bo Larsen with his portrayal of gym teacher and soccer coach Tommy, who had a much darker and sadder story throughout the film and really grounded the narrative.

While the film isn’t really visually stunning, the cinematography and edit choices really suit the theme of the film well. It benefits greatly from a strong storyline, as well as a great soundtrack that gives the film a consistent great energy and pacing. 

It’s easy to see why Another Round has scored so many awards, it has a great combination of a talented cast and a creative screenplay. I would highly recommend this film to anyone that loves foreign cinema.

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