Annie Louey: Gold {Melbourne International Comedy Festival} – Comedy Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I was originally meant to see Annie Louey last year.

Unfortunately, Covid got in the way. So, after a year than originally intended, I finally got to see Annie Louey at the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival but in her new show ‘Gold’.

The multi-talented Chinese-Australian comedian holds nothing back. Adorned in a gorgeous gold qipao with gold nail polish to match, Louey is relentless with a rapid-fire of jokes throughout her 50-minute run-time. Commanding the stage with her presence while appearing regal and powerful, comedy to Louey appears easy and natural, like it’s been in her blood for years.

But this is only because Louey has been practicing her craft since the age of 16 which Louey proudly states to audiences at the beginning of her show. Reluctantly edging towards her 30s (I’m not sure if anyone has ever been willing to turn this age), Louey prepares herself for her impending doom of getting old by briefly reflecting on her youth (she is very aware that 30 is not even that old but it’s terrifying anyway).

Although I’m not sure why the show is called ‘Gold’ as it never is actually addressed, Louey is consistently and prolifically entertaining, covering anything and everything in between. From her family, her dad, weird facts, number plates, death, to the red flags of her past experiences dating, complete with the clever use of the Split Enz song ‘I See Red’, Louey’s content is cracking and her crowd work is flawless.

She’s so comfortable up on that stage, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was born on one. Louey had the crowd shouting “Flags!” at the end of each intro jingle into her red flags segments which was such a smart way to encourage audience participation. Not only did it have the comedy crowd excited and involved, but it really broke down the walls that are usually held up by patrons whenever in the intimidating presence of an expert stand-up comedian.

My favourite segment would be when Annie guesses the ages of audience members from learning their Chinese zodiac. Chinese zodiacs are in 12-year cycles, and while this is something I have found myself do to others, I’ve never done so out loud. Meanwhile in ‘Gold’, Louey does this out in the open so candidly and shamelessly with much cheek and sass. Not only was it interesting for attendees that were ready and willing to have Louey guess their ages based on their Chinese star signs, but she made it all fun.

Debuting a new show is always going to be rough but it never feels that way with ‘Gold’. Annie Louey is great with her dry and sarcastic humour. While I do mourn what I could have seen of Louey’s previous content, I am very grateful I finally get to see her in her element.

‘Gold’ is exceptionally good and so is Annie Louey. There is a reason that she’s been doing comedy for half her life. She’s just so damn good at it.

Annie Louey‘s ‘Gold’ is playing as part of the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival until April 23rd.
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