Abominable – Film Review

Losing someone you love is hard. Doing the things that remind you of them is even harder.

For Yi (Chloe Bennet), she misses her father who has passed on, and playing the violin reminds her of him as he was the one who taught her how to play. Still feeling connected with her late father when she plays the violin and wanting to salvage this special feeling, Yi avoids playing in front of her family and friends.

With a hidden refuge on top of her condominium home in Shanghai, Yi plays her violin in private and views the postcards of places she had longed to visit with her dad when he was still alive. Determined to escape Shanghai and explore the world, Yi scrambles to make enough money to afford to still travel to these dream destinations. Everything changes, however, when Yi meets young Yeti, Everest who is on the run from Burnish (Eddie Izzard), a wealthy man set on proving to the world that Yetis exist and zoologist Dr. Zara (Sarah Paulson) who is determined on catching the animal.

Suddenly empowered and inspired by Everest’s presence and situation, Yi makes it her personal mission to help the lost Yeti. Accompanied by reluctant companion, friend and neighbor Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor) and his cousin Peng (Albert Tsai), the four set off on an adventure to help Everest return home.

Prior to seeing the film, I wasn’t sure what to expect as Dreamworks has always been a big hit or miss for me. But with a female lead character, an adorable Yeti, an excellent use of Coldplay’s “Fix You” and an adventure storyline, there was no way I wasn’t going to love this film.

Not only does the film provide important themes of family and grief, but it also provides a moral compass for young viewers when it comes to caring for animals and the environment. Abominable is funny, visually stunning, intelligent, environmentally self-aware and makes clever use of entwining the music used in the film with the narrative. With so much depth and heart, Abominable moved me to tears.

I am so touched and happily surprised with how perfect Abominable is as a film. Now inspired, I am itching to travel to these real iconic places in China, as seen in the film. But I also really want an Everest plushie. So, if you excuse me, I’m going to search online for an Everest plushie, plan my next overseas trip and book myself a ticket to see this film again because ‘amazing’ is an understatement. Abominable is an entertaining work of art.

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  1. Alaisdair says:

    I’m so with you on finding the plushie!!

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