The Lone Ranger – Film Review

The Lone Ranger” is not a remake of the 1933 classic radio and television series (and later, books), but a comedic, light hearted tribute to the heroic icon and epic series. The sooner you realise that, the sooner you will enjoy this film. The film is the first theatrical film release about Lone Ranger and Tonto in over 32 years.

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote, “Hi-yo Silver, AWAY!” but never knew where it originate from. Well, now you know. It originated from “Lone Ranger”.

Armie Hammer plays “John Reid”, an idealistic lawyer returning home, only to find himself deputized as a Texas Ranger. When an unexpected disaster strikes, John finds himself with a second chance and in the company of a ComacheNative American named “Tonto” played by Johnny Depp.

As an existing fan, I found the story to be very entertaining. The special effects were also well done. It’s fresh enough that new audiences can watch the film and enjoy it without previous knowledge the original series. But it’s also great for fans of the series as the film drops many references to pay tribute to the beloved 1933 original.

Johnny Depp is great in this film as “Tonto” with his own unique portrayal and making the character his own. Depp is always such a delight to watch onscreen as every character he portrays is different, but his investment into the roles he plays always does wonders.

Armie Hammer is delightful, funny and lovable as portrayal of Lone Ranger. I understand the character wasn’t shown with the tough exterior fans are normally used to, but this was on purpose to set the mood for the film. It was also great to see Helena Bonham Carter as “Red Herrington”. Her role is minor but memorable.

Overall, The Lone Ranger is a fun entertaining film good for existing fans and for new audiences alike. If you have been curious to see this film, I highly suggest watching it because I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would love to see it again and after watching, I find myself with an overwhelming desire to own a ‘spirit horse’.

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