World War Z – Film Review

If not for my phobia of zombies, I probably would have found this movie less frightening than it actually was. Even so, “World War Z” is full of flaws. Firstly, it’s not a zombie movie. It’s a world epidemic movie.

Brad Pitt plays former U.N. employee, “Gerry Lane”. In order to keep his family protected, Gerry finds himself forced to work for his old employers finding out information on how the disease originated.

Was Brad Pitt a good actor once? Because in World War Z his acting is very flat. His character, “Gerry” is very two dimensional and we rarely see him emote. I wanted to see more struggle, more fight, more fear. I can only recall two different facial expressions throughout the entire movie. Okay, that’s mean. Maybe three. Throughout the movie, we only follow one character the entire time. The rest of the people in the film are just background noise and fillers, unsuccessfully providing possible momentum for Brad Pitt‘s character. Even though we only follow Gerry, we barely know him. Giving a character a family to lose isn’t giving him a PERSONALITY. I expected more depth and felt no fear for him nor the characters involved in his story. Audience members should connect with the protagonist characters, but I couldn’t care less who lived and who died. Now what does that say about a film?

To be fair, I highly doubt that Pitt is entirely to blame for this horrifically awful film. I blame everyone involved who decided to take a wonderfully good book and make a complete injustice of it.

I am sick and tired of books being made into movies and then being nothing like the book. Either stick with the material you’ve got or just come up with something original, PLEASE! The actual novel itself is about a U.N. representative that goes around interviewing people about their horrific stories. Now, I have heard that this concept would have been “too hard to interpret to screen“. But honestly, if “District 9” could do it, I don’t see how World War Zcouldn’t. There’s just absolutely no excuse.

I just want to clarify, I am not one of those that always get angry when things are slightly different in regards to books being made into films. I understand that films can never be word for word compared to the books that they’re based on. But considering the crazy amount of changes World War Z has to the novel, I believe that my rants are justified. The only thing they have similar is the title of the movie; that’s where it begins and that’s where it ends.

To conclude, I have absolutely nothing good to say about this film. “World War Z”? More like “World War What the F*** Did I Just Watch?” I strongly urge you to resist watching this movie. It is a complete waste of time and there are better movies to watch than thisone. Even if you have nothing better to do. Don’t.

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