Safe Haven – Film Review

I have mixed feelings when it comes to Nicholas Sparks books being made into films. Sometimes they’re a hit, sometimes they’re a miss. With “Safe Haven“, I believe we have a hit on our hands.

Safe Haven” is a drama mystery thriller romance story of a mysterious young woman who appears to be running from the law. During her run she finds herself a place to hide, “a safe haven“. Along the way she discovers a new life, friendship, family and love. But it doesn’t last for long as she is being hunted.

Although the film is very slow-paced, it is consistent, flows smoothly and allows character development. Julianne Hough plays runaway, “Katie“, Josh Duhamel plays the friendly shop keeper, “Alex“. I believed their on-screen chemistry, with many of the family scenes displayed as endearing. I also enjoyed seeing Cobie Smulders play a small role as Katie‘s fast friend, Jo.

Overall, I did enjoy this film. Although I wouldn’t consider it “mind-blowing” it was good enough for what it was, and like many book adaptations, if you haven’t read the book {and therefore not already know how it ends} then I would definitely recommend this flick. It’s good for guys and girls to both see and enjoy. It would make the perfect date movie as it has just enough thrill and mystery to keep the boys watching.

Safe Haven is a good little flick that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy whilst still keeping you on your toes. A good little thriller romance. Definitely worth watching whether you are a Nicholas Sparksfan or not. It made me cry and I definitely recommend it. Especially to those who love the romance genre.

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