Side Effects – Film Review

As soon as I initially saw the trailer for this film, I knew that I would be intrigued enough to watch it. “Side Effects” is a crime drama thriller about a young woman’s unexpected side effects from taking prescription medication for her depression.

At first we are introduced to “Emily Taylor” played by Rooney Mara who has been waiting for her husband, “Martin Taylor” played by Channing Tatum to finish his 4 year jail sentence for what is insinuated to be a white collar crime.

With her husband’s return, Emily begins to act overwhelmed and emotionally unstable. This is where Jude Law‘s character, “Dr. Jonathan Banks” falls into the picture becoming Emily‘s assigned psychiatrist. It is from this point the plot really begins.

I am a big fan of Jude Law‘s work and wanted to see this film for him. However, I found that the film to be very slow and took too long for the story to get going. Despite my admiration for Jude Law‘s talent, I didn’t feel that he was enough to make this film vibrant and as amazing as it could have been.

I found the story somewhat predictable and far-fetched, the ending of the film quite weak, and the film overall to be forgettable. Perhaps I have seen too many films which is why I found it predictable? When I watch a thriller, I want to be at the edge of my seat. I did not feel this at all whilst watching Side Effects.

I wouldn’t NOT recommend this film for viewing, it may effect you in different ways than it effected me. But although I was happy with the overall result of the storyline, I was still disappointed with how it was portrayed in the film. If you see it for yourself, I am hoping that at least you won’t be as disappointed as I was.

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