Oblivion – Film Review

Oblivion” is a sci-fi film starring Tom CruiseOlga KurylenkoAndrea Riseborough and Morgan Freeman. It is based on an unpublished graphic novel by Joseph Kosinski who also produced and directed the film.

The story takes place 60 years after an alien invasion by “Scavengers” destroy the moon and nearly destroy the planet. “Jack Harper” played by Tom Cruise is “Tech 49”, a drone repairman who is also one of the last few humans stationed on Earth. He lives with his communications officer and lover, Victoria in a tower thousands of feet above the earth. Their mission; to help extract the planet’s remaining resources to take to Titan. When questions start to arise and dreams of a mysterious woman haunt him, Jack begins to question everything.

Oblivion pays homage to a lot of 1970s science fiction films. The cinematography and special effects are absolutely stunning – proof that you don’t need to make a film in 3D for it to look good. I found myself admiring the tower where Jack lives absolutely beautiful and because it’s positioned up so high above the earth, possibly a little bit scary.

The concept art, set designs, costume designs and props in the film are also all very impressive. The interior of the tower is displayed as a clean, cold, emotionless and sterile environment. Victoria and Jack‘s costumes are also very plain and monochrome. Personally, I really admired the designs of the drones and Jack‘s motorcycle which Tom Cruise has stated in interviews he was gifted and allowed to keep! I couldn’t be more jealous as I love that bike! Did I mention that even the music in the film is phenomenal?

The acting in this film is consistent. I really enjoyed Tom Cruise‘s portrayal of “Jack” making him human, relatable, hard-working, content, stubborn, curious, unsatisfied and lonely all at the same time. I’m sure we are all aware that Tom is a brilliant actor, but I wish he would do more sci-fi films as I believe they suit him.

While Oblivion is a science fiction with a lot of action, adventure and mystery, the story is predominately about the existence and strength of identityhumanity and love despite the barriers of war and time.

Overall, I definitely recommend a viewing of OblivionIt is a clever film which may seem easy to cipher at first, but will later (long after viewingchallenge you and raise unanswered questions which will make you want to view it again. If possible, I urge you to view this film like I did in IMAX as it definitely enhances the entire viewing experience. I was considering watching the film in regular cinemas but am glad I chose otherwise.

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