Flight – Film Review

Flight” is a story of a seasoned airline pilot, “Whip Whitaker” played by Denzel Washington who miraculously crash-lands his plane after a mid-air catastrophic failure, saving almost every single soul on board. Whip is initially praised as a hero, but as more evidence is unravelled from the flight, questions soon arise as to who or what was really at fault or responsible for what really happened on the plane.

Denzel Washington without a doubt is one of the greatest actors of our generation. As “Whip Whitaker“, I really felt for his character, wanting him to improve and do well. The film itself was very slow to the point that I found myself in many parts of the viewing losing interest.

I honestly believe that this film wouldn’t be the same or nearly as successful without Denzel Washington. And even with him, it’s not that great. Denzel is great as always, but it’s not enough to make this film as good as it could have been.

I wasn’t convinced with the flight scenes as they were always from one real point of view and felt that the camera angles and positions could have been more creative. Sadly, I think I’d find more entertainment watching socks tumble dry in the clothes dryer. Below is a more entertaining view of the flight made for The Oscars

On a serious note, I do believe that this film would be great for those that have previously had an addiction or know someone that has had an addiction before. Although I could really feel for Whip Whitaker, I could not relate to him – not his addictions nor his struggles. None of it really connected with me.

Despite Whip Whitaker‘s addition issues, everything else in this story is underdeveloped. Absolutely everything.

I also found that the film had a lot of religious undertones which are good for some, but for me I personally don’t understand them – and there were often times where I would feel awkward and uncomfortable. Although I can’t say I hated them film, I didn’t enjoy it. In my mind there were so many unasked questions I would have asked both the creators and the characters that neither party would be able to answer. When you go see a film, you don’t want to be dissatisfied and think up loop holes and other possible conclusions regarding the character relationships and storylines.

A film definitely not for everyone, if you really want to see it – I’d give it a miss at the cinemas. Wait for it to come out on DVD. And if you intend to fly and go see this film – THEN get scared, it’s your own fault. I was unaffected by the flight scene and was in hysterics the whole time. Then again, maybe I’m just odd.

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