I Give It A Year – Film Review

I Give It A Year” is a British comedy romance about the trials and tribulations of a couple during their first year of marriage.

Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall play newlyweds, “Nat” and “Josh“. Nat is the highly-strung, no-nonsense public relations executive, whilst Josh is the laid-back, loose freelance writer. Despite their initial romantic electricity, the pair are complete opposites and everyone is sceptical about their marriage lasting. Minnie Driver who plays Nat‘s sister, “Naomi” even predicts the length of their relationship at the ceremony before they even leave the church with the title of the film.

To throw a further spanner into the works (make that two) we are introduced to “Guy“, a savvy, irresistible American businessman and client of Nat played by Simon Baker, and “Chloe” played by Anna Faris who is Josh‘s former flame and recently returned from doing aid work in Africa for four years.

With everyone doubting Nat and Josh‘s relationship, the story lingers on the unasked question; “Will they prove everyone wrong, or will they give up?

Mostly known for her more dramatic roles, Rose Byrne has great comic timing and I do believe that British comedy suits her. Minnie Driver is hilarious as Nat‘s husband-hating sister, never failing to light up the screen. Stephen Merchant is also great as socially awkward best friend and best man, “Dan” who has many cringeworthy moments and tries to steal the show. But overall, I think the real hero of this film is Simon Baker who is absolutely adorable as Guy. Admittedly, I’ve never really paid attention to Simon in the past and have now left the cinema with, let’s face it – a bit of a crush! He is really good actor and I’ve learnt my lesson. I will be paying more attention to his work from now on!

On a patriotic note, it was great seeing Australian actors, Rose Byrne and Simon Baker in the film. Even though they were both putting on American and British accents for their characters, I really enjoyed their performances and like it when talented Aussie actors do well outside Australia.

To be quite honest, I had no real expectations that this film would be any good and was pleasantly surprised. I Give It A Year is quite original and refreshing, but not memorable. I felt like something was missing, although this is in no fault of the cast. When I left the cinema, I felt I enjoyed it but struggled to remember the character’s names. It wasn’t bad, it was good – but it could have been more. You may not enjoy it is as much if you don’t understand British humour. Nevertheless, I Give It A Year is still a great laugh.

I Give It A Year” is funny, awkward and endearing in all the right places. Guys would enjoy it as well as girls. Although it may never make it to your list of favourite films and will probably be forgotten (I give it a year. *pun* – See what I did there?), it’s definitely at least worth a look.

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