The Spectacular Now – Film Review

The Spectacular Now” is a coming-of-age film based on the novel of the same name by Tim Tharp. From a distance, the film looks like just another indie teen romance, but it’s not. Personally, I believe it’s more about character development than anything else. Miles Teller plays Sutter Keely, a young man in his last year of high school who is all about living in the moment. Unexpectedly, he befriends Shailene Woodley‘s character Aimee Finicky. Although Aimee is socially awkward, non confrontational, is a dreamer and somewhat shy, she is still fully aware of responsibilities and reality. Sutter and Aimee are two complete opposites who are somehow drawn together to change each other’s lives. The characters seem raw and real, with problems anyone can relate to.

This film primarily focuses on one’s fear of growing up. Having fear of the future. Refusing to dream of something better than what you have now. We’ve all been there. At one point or another, we have all been scared of change and what the future holds. A lot of people think that their high school years were one of the highest moments of their life, but this film is a perfect example of how this isn’t always the case. As a coming-of-age story, this film really hit me. I too was once a frightened teenager, scared of growing up and gaining more responsibilities in my life. But the future isn’t always seen in a negative light. Sometimes we just need to dare to dream. And I think that’s the whole point of this film, to let go of the past, embrace change, and to believe in a “spectacular future”.

Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley were both wonderful in this, both giving spectacular performances. If you have been even remotely curious about this film, I definitely suggest you follow through with your feelings and watch it.

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