The Butler – Film Review

Lee Daniels‘ “The Butler” is an incredible masterpiece. Although inspired by truth and not based on truth, you would think that something in this film would be flawed. But “The Butler” is not flawed, it’s PERFECT.

Although the butler, Cecil Gaines played by Forest Whitaker and his family are fictional, many of the life events that he experiences are real and were inspired by butler, Eugene Allen who did work in the Whitehouse and served eight presidents during his tenure at the Whitehouse experiencing many major changes in American society and history.

In the film, Cecil Gaines has a wife and two children. One whom is a good obedient child that wants to fight for his country, the other who hates the expectations of society and wants to fight against his country. Although Cecil‘s son, Louis played by David Oyelowo is outspoken and against the prejudice of society. Although Cecil is against Louis‘ decisions and actions, father and son are actually both on the same side and both fight for the same thing, just in different ways.

Joined by a phenomenal talented cast; Oprah WinfreyVanessa RedgraveCuba Gooding Jr.Lenny KravtizColman DomingoClarence Williams IIIAlan RickmanJane FondaElijah KelleyRobin WilliamsJohn CusackJames MarsdenMichael Rainey Jr.Minka KellyDavid BannerMariah CareyTerrence HowardLiev SchreiberAlex Pettyferand Nelsan Ellis each play their part into making this film deep, moving and amazing as it is.

Oprah Winfrey is fantastic in this film as Cecil‘s wife, Gloria Gaines who is the complete opposite of what the actress actually is, and what Oprah actually stands for. But the one who deserves praise the most is Forest Whitaker with his performance moving me to tears. And I will be extremely upset and disappointed if this performance does not give him an Oscar nomination.

With factual truth and a lot of heart, it’s hard not to be moved by this film. Lee Daniels has definitely outdone himself as a producer and director of this masterpiece and I hope that this film gets the recognition that it deserves. I am neither American, nor have I ever really been big on politics, but this film impressed me. I cried so much, I ended up giving myself a headache, and no film has ever done that to me before. “The Butler” is definitely one of the best films of 2013.

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