Small Foot – Film Review

Smallfoot is the latest offering from Warner Animation Group, the same people that bought us The Lego films and 2016’s Storks, and it’s a welcome addition to their catalogue.

Channing Tatum lends his voice as Migo, a friendly young Yeti who is next in line to the role of “gong ringer”. While on his first day training, he is distracted by his crush Meechee, voiced by Zendaya which results in him being slingshot out of the village. But that’s only the beginning of the day, where everything he’s ever know comes crashing down, much like the plane carrying one lonely human or “Smallfoot” as the Yeti’s call them.

Shortly after returning to the village and informing his fellow yetis of his discovery, Migo is banished from the village by the Stonekeeper, voiced by Common for questioning the “Stones”, a collection of stones depicting the rules and legends of the Yeti world.

Whilst banished he is taken aside by a small group called the SES, led by his Meechee, who is also the Stonekeepers daughter. They show Migo their evidence of the Smallfoot and set him on a journey to find the Smallfoot and prove to the village that he’s not crazy!

The film is a perfect mix of traditional storytelling and musical numbers with original songs. This is Warner Animation Group’s first musical film and they have got the balance just right. There is plenty of laughs, slapstick humor and catchy songs. This is the perfect film for kids, and those that are kids at heart.

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