Scott Limbrick’s Scoot Lambrock: Journey to the Infinite Void {Melbourne Fringe} – Comedy Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Stardate 2023, October 5th.

I found myself on the 1st floor of The Improv Conspiracy in Melbourne’s CBD. The crowd was bustling awaiting the next show. I had my ticket and I joined the rest of my fellow space cadets on what promised to be an adventure through space and time the likes we’ve never seen before! 

Welcome aboard the Thunder Phoenix, a modified ZX-229 Galaxy Bounder spaceship. The ship’s operating system PAL (Personal Automated Liaison) performs our induction as the legendary adventurer Scoot Lambrock makes his appearance, an American-ish master of spacecraft, statecraft, and stagecraft! His body is a registered weapon in 17 systems and an illicit substance in six. If Ron Burgundy and Zapp Brannigan found themselves melded together in a horrific transporter malfunction, Scoot Lambrock would be the heroic result!

By decree of the Allied League Council of our Betters, we’ve been tasked with venturing into the Infinite Void, the perfect place to solve the galaxy’s housing crisis! Along the way, we encounter time loops, dangerous foes, coincidence fields, action, adventure, and time loops (repeat intended)! All the while our courageous captain Scoot Lambrock will regale us stories of his greatness. Let’s punch it!

A few years ago, I unfortunately and sadly missed Scott Limbrick‘s show ‘The Last Blockbuster on Earth’, a high concept walkdown cinematic memory lane filled with laughter from all accounts. So, I was interested in checking out this new show of his. After a successful Melbourne International Comedy Festival run, it is time for Scott Limbrick‘s alter ego Scoot Lambrock to blast off in this hilarious and immersive sci-fi comedy. 

I wasn’t entirely sure how such a show would be achieved. But our “Journey into the Infinite Void” plays out very much like a comedic theme park ride albeit replacing shaking chairs with gutbusting laughs. With our titular superstar acting as our guide across the stars, Scott Limbrick as a comedian has all the charisma needed to play such a fun role and the audience eagerly eat it up.

Anyone who has ever watched Star Trek knows what to expect. Much of this show is achieved through projection of the viewscreen at the back of the stage. Sets and props by Stephanie Crowe and Matthew Jackson who smartly sell this world we have found ourselves in, while the journey through space is represented by media created by Mario Hannah. We travel through ‘Sponsored Space’ where targeted advertisements are tailored to Scoot Lambrock‘s own thoughts. Hostile ships are engaged in battle and video calls from ex-lovers are dismissed.

However, throughout this, Scoot Lambrock always makes his larger-than-life presence known and is never upstaged by the show’s graphical presentation. Rather, it serves to elevate the character work and we see some wild satires of familiar science fiction tropes. ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ fans will find plenty to enjoy about this show.

The hour-long show is full of surprises and callbacks which are greatly appreciated. This isn’t merely a stand-up comedy show, no. It’s a space adventure. There’s action, explosions, and audience participation. I mean, we ARE a selection of space cadets along for the ride after all. Did I mention, the Thunder Phoenix is literally powered by Scoot Lambrock‘s own ego? As his failures rack up, it’s our job to make sure the mission keeps blasting on!

Scott Limbrick is a future star in the making as proven by this inventive and hilarious show. ‘Scoot Lambrock: Journey to the Infinite Void’ is a fast paced, engaging, and an immersive hour of character comedy and sci-fi silliness. It’s my first show of 2023’s Melbourne Fringe Festival and honestly, it’s going to be a hard one to beat!

Scott Limbrick‘s Scoot Lambrock: Journey to the Infinite Void is currently playing as part of Melbourne Fringe 2023 at The Improv Conspiracy in Melbourne’s CBD until 13th of October.

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