Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears – Film Review

This latest installment of the story of Phryne Fisher has been made for the fans, by the fans. Somewhat of an extended episode of the popular TV series, Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears doesn’t really expand much on the existing world, per se. However, it is more like a love letter to the series.

Honouring the key beats of what audiences love about the ABC show, the movie captures the moment, and somehow still feels fresh. The locations are bigger. We get to spend more time with Miss Fisher and Jack. The sets are grander. Despite this, the movie maintains its predecessors’ sense of fun and adventure. Some knowledge of the existing world is helpful, but it definitely isn’t for anyone who is not a fan of the show.

Essie Davis once again embodies Miss Fisher with a cheeky twinkle in her eye and many, many glamorous costumes. The plot involves many twists and turns as one would expect, and whilst the reveal may be somewhat expected, anyone who loves the show won’t care. They will just enjoy the chance to spend some more time with their favourite sleuth and of course, the dashing Nathan Page as her love interest, Jack.

The fact that so many of the original cast members signed on to make this movie, and the crowd funding campaigns are a true testament to how deep our love for Phryne goes. This movie is recommended for anyone who enjoys a fun adventure movie. And more importantly anyone who adores Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

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