Logan Lucky – Film Review

The Logans are considered cursed with their bad luck. To change their luck, Channing Tatum’s character Jimmy Logan teams up with his one-armed brother Clyde played by Adam Driver and his level-headed sister Mellie played by Riley Keough. Together along with Daniel Craig’s character Joe Bang, they attempt to pull off a heist at a NASCAR race.

Logan Lucky took me by surprise. I really liked the simple yet intuitive humour. And although the film felt slow at times with some unnecessary scenes, the end result made the viewing quite satisfactory.

Channing Tatum and Adam Driver really shine in this film. Playing brothers, they have amazing chemistry and their wicked banter appears genuine thanks to a combination of great acting and clever writing.
Out of the entire cast, I believe the stand out performance is Daniel Craig as Joe Bang. One would not expect Daniel Craig to act in such a role, not for the criminal part of his character but for the hillybilly accent and amusing persona that he portrays. I thought it was very refreshing and displays just how versatile and talented Daniel Craig really is.

The ensemble cast work well together and although the story may seem quite slow, it still flows smoothly and successfully accomplishes what it set out to achieve.

I would recommend Logan Lucky to anyone who enjoys heist films or is a fan of the cast. It is full of surprises, is clever and funny. This comedic heist may not be flawless, but it is smart and original – which is exactly what we need in films today.

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